Integrated Business Approach

CRM for e-commerce portals – Need for an integrated business approach

Integrated Business Approach

E-commerce is one of the biggest business platforms that have grown on such a large scale. There are so many e-commerce portals in the market that competition in the vertical has become cut throat. Every major business faces problems with big decisions about expanding its operations. So proper planning of business is necessary for executing the expansion process. So as to combat these problems, many companies deploy individual software for every department. This is one of the major mistakes made by many portals in order to increase the productivity. They have different software for inventory management, order management and customer relations.

There are so many other problems faced by the e-commerce CRM portal on a regular basis which hinders the growth of these portals.When a company is growing, one needs to make sure the potential of every employee is utilized. When there are many different systems, you have multiple databases which can overlap and cause more problems.

Maintenance of these software also cost a lot of money. Integration also takes some time to get implemented.
One solution to all these problems faced by e-commerce portals is the CRM software, which is an integrated productivity solution. Let’s look at the advantages of the CRM software which will integrate with your business process.

Efficiency :

There are many problems faced by e-portals on a daily basis, like inventory management, order management, order fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection and many others. Automation can help you to increase efficiency of the process. Usage of the CRM is very easy as it is extremely user friendly. One of the major benefits of CRM software is that it is a single software for all the departments so the whole process is synced with one software. There is no problem about data over-lapping or compatibility issues.

Real time :

The CRM can be viewed on a real-time basis and it is very important for making informed decisions. It is cloud based software therefore the information can be accessed from almost anywhere, and it also enables employees to make more accurate and faster decisions.

Cost effective :

Using a CRM software saves a lot of time and money because maintaining it costs less money and time. Time is of equal essence because, in e-commerce the time you are not online is loss of revenue. Rather spending money on ten different software solutions for ten different department, the CRM software can solve the problem with single software.

Growth :

Single CRM software is an integrated software which helps in the expansion and a lot can be achieved easily without much effort because of a single interface.

Innovation :

Changes can be made and implemented pretty quickly, functionality can be tailored in ways that improves the performance. eCommerce platforms of today use many software solutions to fuel their growth but what they actually need is a single platform which can give them an integrated business approach which will help them grow exponentially.

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