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Top 5 Ways To Close More Deals By Integrating CRM Platform

CRM platform

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If you are unaccustomed, all the talk concerning sales CRM could seem to touch the high ceiling of complexity.This can make the CRM platform sound simultaneously both highly appealing and complicated. But ultimately, this doesn’t necessarily provide a clue about practically using a CRM platform to improve your actual business processes on the ground.

Most businesses aren’t sure about the inclusion of right CRM features into their daily business transactions. Resultantly, all organizations adopting a CRM platform have a success rate of less than 35%. This makes the CRM solution into a very tentative business investment.

Rather, in this article, we shall make simple and practical improvements to your sales process. By adapting these methods, you will be able to handle a large volume of leads and attract more prospects.

Understand and Prevent Factors that affect Deal Closures

A direct and organized way to improve your sales conversions is by addressing multiple factors that affect deal closures. But it isn’t enough to just understand them. You should also be able to influence and improve their complete activities.

As the first step of improving sales, you need to understand the various underlying factors. By understanding these factors, you can take effective measures to improve them.

Afterwards, you can also take consecutive steps to improve conversion.

1. Handle a larger Volume of Leads

 Lead Funnel

In a traditional system, your prospect handling capacity could be limited to the immediate client list (say, a list of customers). Later, this list gets further limited based on the cognitive ability of the consumer.

But today’s consumers are having a larger number of options. This means that you need to have a larger number of leads to acquiring a minimum conversion.

With this in mind, Successful sales professionals start with a large volume of leads. Later on, the unpromising leads could be eliminated to trim and bring down the number of prospects to a more manageable limit.

Sales CRM enables you to collect and manage leads within a specific time frame. This allows you to include prospects, which may be otherwise required to be excluded.

This lets you collect more customer information in the initial or prospecting stage. Afterward, this data can be used to pitch to a higher volume of clients. Consequently, it also increases your total number of deal closures.

As these lists are dependent on the customer principles of acquisition, you can use them as a yardstick for acquiring customers.

2. Comprehensive Follow-up Scheduling

According to marketing donut, only 2% of the total sales deals get closed within the first meetings. In most of the cases, the first meeting solely goes into getting the feel of business or product presentation.

Sales CRM lets you manage all prospects through a single platform. You can also integrate a timetable concerning future meetings and definite timetable. This gives you the better freedom to understand future customer prospects.

This gives the sales people an efficient way to acquire maximum deal closures within a given time period.

3. Integrate Real Time data with sales Milestones

Sales CRM enables you to follow an updated real time data into your sales dashboards. This lets you cover more customer information in the initial prospecting stage.

Afterwards, this data could be used to create achievable sales milestones. By having specific sales milestones, you can avoid taking potential missteps.

4. Create Easy Communications

Usually, the sales teams perform as an independent arm of the organization. This provides greater freedom and cohesion among the team. But it’s also leads to an inefficient system of data management.

Sales CRM lets you collaborate and share information through a single platform. This can create a better data transfer utility within the organization vertical.

5. Follow the right Metrics for improving Sales

As a competitive space, sales teams are required to constantly improve their performance. In order to improve you should follow and increment the right metrics. For this, monetary target or number of meetings could only give an incomplete picture.

Sales CRM lets you manage the complete sales activity through a single dashboard. You can also follow intricate data about each complying factor.


The practical utility of the sales CRM is reaching more prospects and acquiring more sales. You need to have a completely customized solution to achieve this objective.

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