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How Marketing Automation lets you reach and engage right audience niche?

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Today, the marketing world is home to an incredible amount of random noise.

You may be the quickest to analyze a situation and come up with a marketing message. But ultimately, your success depends on your ability to reach out and get candid with your target audience.

It would appear that the best way to make yourself heard is to shout louder than the loudest. In other words, you may simply end up trying to out-advertise or outspend everyone else.

But rarely do, real-world marketers have this luxury. They don’t have a king’s chest of a marketing budget or the infinite time to bring the desired results.

Moreover, guesswork spending can’t be termed a customer outreach strategy.

Instead most of the times, marketers are stuck at deciding where to spend the scarce resources.

CRM-based marketing automation lets you consciously decide and focus on the right audience niche for acquiring maximum returns. It allows you to consequentially use the right marketing leverage for maximum competitive advantage.

How different audience segments have different Perspectives

The fundamental of customer segmentation is to understand that different customer segments have different requirements. They follow different lifestyles and have independent perspectives.

In short, you can’t take a customer understanding for granted. You need to meticulously grain out independent details to get maximum exposure for a given audience.

For example, you could start with a blank slate and build on the ideal customer profile. This also lets you recognize the chief audience characteristics.

target audience

This helps you fill-up the chief characteristics such as age, sex, channel orientations, preferences etc.

This data can be used by marketing analyst to collect more concrete data. This process helps you derive a more focused customer image. In this situation, giving you the ultimate aim of your marketing operations can make immediate differences.

Organized Expenditure around Marketing Automation

Ever heard of the saying, half of the marketing expenditure is wasted. And, the other half is usually spent only ineffectually.

But, this analogy was derived a few decades ago.

Since then, the overwhelming pace of arrival of new marketing channels has made the situation even more confusing.


Even an experienced digital marketer could fail to derive the right balance and understanding between these independent channels.

Marketing automation system lets you follow and evaluate these performances based on their actual performance. By following different marketing streams, you can start making data-oriented marketing decisions.

Avoid Audience Tuning-out of your Marketing campaign

In the age of mass marketing and oversell, your audience can tune out at the slightest incongruence in your approach or marketing messages. This may leave large gaps in your customer understanding.

Marketing Automation coupled with cloud storage allows you to store comprehensive customer microdata. It also provides information on a unique customer perspective and interests. It also allows you to run more focused market operations.

Recognize and Create a Balanced Marketing Strategy

For every industry, the functionality and utility of different marketing streams are dependent on a variety of circumstances. This could be industry, business, time, budgeting etc.

It requires the evaluation and rating the potency of different marketing streams for each business.

In the image below, we are giving the general utility of different marketing streams.

marketing streams

But ultimately, this is an overview that needn’t be consistent across industries or even businesses. You evaluate and balance these independent marketing streams based on your particular business. In this,

CRM-based marketing automation also lets you create the best combination to drive your future operations.


Presently, you can’t do any meaningful marketing unless you devise an effective way to reach your audience. This can take patient knowledge acquisition or considerable marketing power. Marketing automation lets you significantly create and optimize your marketing strategy to acquire maximum returns.

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