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Expense Management with Kapture: Track inflow and outflow of capital per project

With the Fiscal Year kicking in, this is just the perfect time to start re-thinking about the strategy for this year, because in the end, we, realtors, dream of an exponential progress in our business. This is the time to ensure that we put our best cards on the table. Real estate is an extremely competitive business and it is of paramount importance to stay at the top of the mind of the prospective clients. Strategies need to have a clearly defined path for the journey ahead with utmost precision.

When you are talking about the real estate agency lead generation is the most obvious yet indispensable step. However, the management of a lead from the time of inquiry to the point of actually buying it requires huge amount of co-ordination and patience. The process of closing a specific deal could be a cumbersome task. It becomes the responsibility of the company to close the deal as fast as possible. With the number of customers involved in the sector, keeping a manual track of every client and the specific stage they are in, in business cycle, might not be a wise choice. Here comes the helping hand of CRM tools like Kapture, Salesforce, etc.

expense management software

Kapture – a world renowned CRM tool puts the entire process into a comprehensible interface. Kapture will help you keep a tab of all the prospective buyers as well as the existing clients. It will enable you to automate the process of communicating with your clients and thus take care of your relationship with your customers. Kapture also keeps you updated about the progress of sales. Kapture allows you to track every interaction with your clients, nurture your prospects with automated marketing campaigns, automatically match prospect buyers or renters with your properties, and have greater insight into your transactions and commissions.

Cash flow is so important to the functioning of any organization that an unbalanced cash flow can spoil the functioning of the entire organization. Statistics indicate that 80% of the businesses fail because of the lack of proper cash flow management. Be it a startup or an established business, the importance of adequate cash flow management can never be overstressed. Kapture become the real saviour to firms who are looking for that perfect cash flow management solutions. Be it tracking cash flow, understanding the status of your potential and present customer in terms of the pending payments – Kapture’s Expense Management software captures them all.

Kapture enables you to track the daily your income and the due amount that is scheduled to arrive so that you can have follow-ups done on a real time basis.  Further, daily, weekly, or monthly reports can be generated to understand the progress in terms of the expected and the actual outcome. The Mobile CRM of Kapture includes employee tracking, i.e., their present location and performance; it also provides report generation. It has an excellent reporting system which includes ROI analysis, project analysis and employee performance. It also uses a single cloud based CRM platform to manage and integrate all your leads at one point, this enhances data retrieval.

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