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It’s said, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. This is the code the hotel industry lives by. For instance, when a potential customer hears about your hotel & intends to know more, there exist multiple channels she can reach you. Talking about first impression to absorb such leads, it all starts here.

Customers love customizing

The phone rings at the reception. A woman is keen to book your banquet hall but has a list of specifications. On the other call your receptionist is being quizzed on the specific amenities. Another call, and yet another, and the situation is all set to go wild. Can someone help? Kapture can.

hospitality CRM software

An ingenious lead management system built specifically for hotels, Kapture not just lets you to capture all the leads in the same platform but also helps you manage them effortlessly. Once they all arrive on a common pool, they are then classified and allocated to different sales teams based on location/ service/ product etc. This also gives you the opportunity to customize your product & services to the maximum. Thus, assured is that first impression on your guest. Now, it’s all about making it last forever.

Customers love communicating

Kapture has a host of secure communication tools that allow your sales teams to co-ordinate with ‘their’ customers on a regular basis. The platform offers numerous features that help in closing the deals faster.

Customers love to question

Inquiry on availability of rooms & other facilities form the bulk of queries. Kapture’s seamless booking tools allow your sales teams to check availability on the go. Booking enquiries can be tabled and assigned to your customer service teams based on different parameters. Kapture, being a cloud-based platform designed especially for hotels, can handle your booking effortlessly, irrespective of the number of branches you have.  Moreover, Kapture allows you to up-sell other offerings and services by creating package deals. Pricing of such offers will be automatically added to the bill when it gets generated!
hospitality CRM software

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