Turn customer dilemma into delight with smart service center automations

Turn customer dilemma into delight with smart service center automation

Turn customer dilemma into delight with smart service center automation

‘The best brands don’t invest in building service centers. They invest in creating world-class customer experiences.’

Customers expectations from the service center have dramatically changed in the digital era. The present-day customer expects an easy access to the service help desk, instant responses to their queries and even a same-day home repair for their equipment. With growing competition, a great service center experience can easily differentiate between a product that gets repeatedly bought and the one that gets shunned by the consumer Here, Kaptures’ mobility-first CRM system for service centers and field support comes to the rescue.

Kapture service center CRM enables service centers to optimize and streamline their operations. Our workflows and service center automation rules enable you to coordinate operations between call center and physical service agents. Kapture CRM enables brands such as Stanley, Smartron, Cravatech to consistently deliver superior customer experience and ensure that their machines keep working without a glitch. It has also helped them garner the all-important word-of-mouth publicity from their existing customers.

So, let’s see how we can apply CRM software in the service center environment.

Connecting the dots in managing a service center operation

Unlike a call center, the service center needs to receive the queries, understand the necessary steps and execute those resolving steps on a daily basis. This involves receiving customer queries, recognizing the nature of each query, assigning queries to the relevant departments, tracking field assignments and ensuring successful resolution to customer queries.

Kapture CRM for service industry helps you streamline and coordinate between these different essential operations.

First of all, Kapture CRM’s omni channel integration lets you receive all online and offline customer enquiries through a single platform. You can integrate different inbound channels such as calls, website, social media platforms and multiple emails. This automates streamlining queries into a single dashboard.

At this point, the system applies a set of rules to optimally segregate and assign each query. Here are some of the custom automation rules that simplifies the call center operations in the service center.

  1. Automated customer profiles:-

    Any new customer message received through social, email, text or phone gets automatically recognized as a particular customer based on pre-set customer profile. This allows you to instantly review the purchased products and any previous customer interaction.

  2. Automated email segmentation

    :- Kapture CRM enables you to specify keywords and filter emails based on the specified keywords. The emails containing specific keywords can be routed to be assigned for particular teams.


  1. Priority management

    :- You can set rules for your most important customers to automatically avoid the ticketing queue and be attended on a priority basis. This enables a particular client email ID to be always assigned to particular recipients.

Priority management

Mobility-first approach to speed-up and streamline the different field operations

After a particular product complaint gets registered, the customers usually expect their machines to be attended-to and rectified by an authorized service professional at the earliest. This puts the responsibility on service centers to move-in quickly before the customers get agitated by the defunct machine at their premises.

Kapture CRMs’ mobility-first field management system enables the service centers to assign, manage and track the activities of individual field personnel’s.

At first, the field professionals can install a light-weight GPS-enabled mobile CRM app available for both android and apple devices. This instantly connects the service agent to cloud-infrastructure of the CRM platform throughout the day.

The mobile-enabled field management brings these advantages of client servicing to the table.

  1. New meeting can be assigned to a service agent based on the current GPS position
  2. A qualified field personnel will be able to cover maximum number of client locations
  3. Ensure that each field meeting happens in a timely and punctual manner
  4. Issue new order approvals for new spare parts and/or products from the client location.

Planning and assigning daily field visits

In order to cut back on client wait times, you need to figure out a way to increase the productivity and efficiency of field service personnel’s. An easy and direct way to achieve this objective would be to cover maximum number of client locations in a given transit route.

Within Kapture CRMs’ daily route map planner, the manager can assign particular client visits to the  field employees’ daily plan.

planning and assigning daily field visits

By fixing the maximum number of client visits in a given route, you can maximize the client visits while cutting down on transit time to improve the efficiency. You can also give priority to visit certain customers within the daily plan.

Tracking field activities and assignment completion

Ideally, every field employee should be able to meet and resolve every assigned task on a given day. But this isn’t always the case. There could be unfulfilled meetings, incomplete resolutions, additional services to be rendered based on client request.

The field agent can view all the assigned meetings on a given day by signing into the individual account.

tracking field activities

Afterward, the field agent can proceed with his daily visits according to the plan. Through the GPS-enabled mobile CRM app, the agent can view the client location with respect to one’s own location.

After reaching the client location, the client can sign-into the new meeting through the mobile app. The GPS location tracking confirms that the agent is currently at the clients’ current GPS coordinates.

mobile CRM

The cloud-based mobile CRM can aid and augment agents ability to resolve customer problems.

Kapture CRM’s cloud database can store product catalogues, troubleshooting solutions and other related information. This enables the agents to start viewing all these issues and access specific solutions through the mobility solution.

The agent can also issue new orders for new spares and new products through the mobile CRM.

Kapture CRM cloud database

At this point, the service agent can mark the assignment as complete or issue a ticket to generate a follow-up assignment.

Automating client AMC and Warranty Packages

The AMC ( Annual maintenance contract) and warranty packages are intended to increase the product lifetime value and thereby gain happy customers. But, most service centers struggle with the on-time servicing of AMC and warranty packages. Without a way to track and update the dispatch of these pre-contracted servicing, most service centers simply rely on customers informing about their pending service packages.

Kapture CRM provides a more systematic and automated way of serving AMC packages to your existing customers. Kapture helpdesk CRM lets you automate generating tickets for any upcoming AMC or warranty service packages. The service agent can view the pending tickets for the service packages and assign them to a designated field agent.

Kapture CRM also makes it easy to acquire new AMC orders from your current customers. Being equipped with the mobile CRM, the field agent can also start taking orders for new AMC packages as they visit the customer location.  This instantly adds new AMC purchases to the Kapture’s AMC module.

This allows you to be more efficient and delivering fully-streamlined AMC packages to your customers.

Tracking NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics

After each servicing, Kapture’s Service CRM lets you set sending automated email/text messages to clients to rate their customer satisfaction. This allows you to receive NPS score as well as get notified about any potential hiccups that happened during the customer servicing.

Reviewing performances and employee productivity

Kapture service center CRM lets you automate tracking and recording all the employee activities through a single platform. By connecting all the different touch points, you can get a comprehensive picture of both the service and field agent performances.

Kapture CRMs’ reporting system lets you instantly retrieve reports about attended tickets, resolved tickets, meetings attended and pending meetings.


By this process, you can generate unbiased performance reports of the different teams and individual agents.

Conclusion :-

In case you are a product or hardware provider, it’s likely that your hardware or electronic devices will require engineering or technical support at some point in time. Rather than allow this situation to be an occasion for the customer to get agitated, the manufacturer should promptly rectify the issues through a well-equipped service center.

Kapture service CRM for call center and field support can simplify and streamline the task of finding the most efficient solution for each hardware issue. This will enable the organization to increase the customer retention and goodwill for the organization.

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