Start using CRM For medical device companies to captivate the pharmacy market

Start Using CRM For Medical Device Companies To Captivate The Pharmacy Market

Start using CRM For medical device companies to captivate the pharmacy market

If you are a medical supplies or pharmacy equipment manufacturer, it’s important that your brand name exude customer confidence and trust. Needless to say, the healthcare institute or the pharmacy that sells the medical device will definitely choose a medical brand that has built the most reputation for its product quality and safety.

Kapture CRM for medical device manufacturers helps you build and maintain rock-solid relationships with a diverse customer base that includes hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy stores.

Later, Kapture CRM enables you to optimally utilize these relationships to generate more product orders and higher visibility for your entire product line-up among your target customers.

Some of India’s leading medical equipment manufacturers use kapture CRM to organize their operations and ease the selling process. Here are some of the leading medical equipment and supplies brands that use kapture CRM including Accurex, Brown Dove, J.Mitra, and Transasia.

Leading medical equipment manufacturers

In this blog, we’ll examine how the CRM For medical device companies will facilitate better market demand and helps you to optimally meet those demands. A healthcare CRM software will also help you to maintain and expand your existing market position among patients and medical care providers.

Improve your product priority amongst the local geography

If you are a provider of medical equipment or supplies, you need to ensure that your medical products are available across the retail POS in all cities and towns. This will help you acquire more orders while building core reputation and trust.

Kapture CRM helps you systematically cover the different retail outlets in a single cloud-based platform. It helps you collect, organize and segregate the different customer list in a single kapture order management dashboard.

Afterward, this gives you the option to track the product sales across each retail POS and predict the upcoming demand for the different products. By managing all your customers through a single platform, you can systematically plan repeat visits and gain more product orders from your existing customers.

Create and handle field plans across cities

A medical equipment manufacturer can significantly boost the overall sales by availing the products across different cities and towns. At the same time, it might be impractical to have state-of-the-art offices across multiple cities and local towns.

In order to sell more medical equipment’s across PAN India, you should be able to persuade the local healthcare institutions and pharmacies at these locations. This will require multiple independent sales teams for each location. These independent sales teams could handle the sales for big cities, small cities, smaller towns and even remote areas.

In this situation, a sales team equipped with mobile CRM would be able to tackle this challenge. By having a GPS-enabled Mobile CRM system, you can arrange meetings and track field operations through a cloud-based CRM system.

At first, the manager can view all the upcoming and pending meetings in a cloud-based ‘daily planner’ dashboard. This allows you to efficiently assign meetings to the sales reps.

Later, you can track the transit of these sales reps across the different locations.

In this way, the CRM For medical device companies helps companies to ensure that all your sales reps are actually meeting their necessary tasks on a strict timeline. This allows you to track and ensure whether sales reps are fulfilling the assigned field meetings, collecting the requisite number of orders etc.

Improving customer loyalty

The market for medical equipment and supplies consist of a large number of repeat buyers that include hospitals, clinics and even pharmacies etc… In order to procure repeat orders, you need to establish a high level of trust and loyalty with these buyers.

A CRM For medical companies can unify all customer information in a single system. This lets you build and access the database of contact information list through a single cloud system.

This gives you the option of entirely two separate strategies to create loyalty among your existing customers.

  1. Run segmented outreach and messaging to acquire users

The unified platform lets you create segment your customers based on previous purchases and general purchases. This allows you to plan and organize targeted messaging campaigns through email/SMS to your target audience list.

  1. Create loyalty programs for your existing customers

As mentioned before, your existing customers would be your biggest source of orders.

You can generate even more orders through assigning additional discounts for your frequent buyer or someone who gives bulk orders. This will encourage your customers to go with your business for large purchases in the future. This may facilitate a bigger purchase in the future.

This could be done by availing your products a wider number of retail POS.

Anticipate and meet the demands of the market

As a medical equipment provider, you should be able to meet the existing demands without oversupplying the market. This requires you to efficiently track fluctuations and variations of product supply within the marketplace.

Being a unified order management system, kapture CRM enables you to track your entire business operations through a single platform. This allows you to aggregate all the previous orders on a single dashboard. This data lets you generate reports that’ll track the fluctuation of market demand across the various POS.

By having a CRM for medical device manufacturers, you can analyze market trends, make insightful decisions and progressively increase the market share.

  1. Avoid the problem of surplus supply of your product in the marketplace.
  2. Helps you ramp-up the manufacturing of the product that’s actually meeting the market demand.
  3. Plan your daily sales operations to gain more sales.

In short, this allows the medical equipment companies to be more organized at managing their medical supplies.

Managing your medical catalogue

Usually, the medical equipment or supplies manufacturer would have a large product catalogue, where each product has individual specifications and suitability. It could be difficult for a commuting sales rep to always be updated about the intricate product specs across the board.

Instead, a Mobile CRM enables your entire team to manage an in-depth product catalogue for each product within a single cloud-based database. By having easy access to product information, the concerned sales rep can try to win new business by pitching new products or easily answering other product-related questions.

By this system, the visiting sales rep can procure the maximum number of orders and avoid having to refer to a 3rd person for extra product information.


Kapture CRM for medical device manufacturers would be positively impactful whether you are selling medical supplies such as syringes, blades, tubes or high-end medical equipment such as scanners. Kapture’s medical CRM system helps you to maintain high levels of service quality and operational efficiency while handling large volume of stocks.

In this situation, kapture CRM for medical device companies makes an appreciable difference. We help you manage the field operations, handle orders, streamline delivery and generate insightful reports based on the collected data.

In short, Kapture CRM for medical equipment providers enables you to better understand and meet the customer requirements in a systematic basis.

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