Marketing and Customer service

Why your customer service and marketing team need to join hands

Marketing and Customer service

Customer service and marketing are often seen as independent processes by most businesses. Indeed the differences are pretty obvious; marketing is acquiring new prospects and customer service is about keeping them happy. Both the departments have separate strategies and training procedures, and the employees of the respective departments could even be situated in different geographical locations. But do you really think they are independent of each other?

No…. don’t say YES. Because it is NOT

Look closely, these two processes often overlap, coincide and interchange. Just as eating a brownie by itself would be an ordinary dessert if not for ice cream, similarly had it not been for customer service marketing would be boring and vice versa. Some things are always better when TOGETHER.

We understand that you might be drooling. So, now that you have already placed an order for a brownie with ice cream online, I would like you to read ahead before you get busy eating.

Business owners spend heaps of money, time and resources into the market and drive customers into their website or storefront. However, creating a mere pathway for your customers is not enough. You need to make them aware of what services they will encounter once they reach the destination. While good marketing is telling your customers why they should choose you; good customer service tells them whether they should come back or not.

Your customer service reps have a better understanding of your customers when compared to the marketing team, considering their day to day tasks. Hence, by using the data you gather from these customer interactions you can build a more efficient and focused marketing strategy. The best possible way to store and retrieve this data is by using a flexible customer service and marketing integrated CRM.

In this article, we look at the ways in which you can benefit by building a relationship between marketing and customer service

Customer service reps know your customers well

Since your marketing team requires detailed buyer personas while implementing strategies, connecting with the customer service team will prove to be a significant step. Keeping in mind that the customer service reps know the in and outs of every customer’s minds by being in constant touch with the clients through telephone, email and social media; they are your best bet to understand the customer properly.

They have similar goals

Customer service and marketing might start off in different zones, but if you look clearly they both have very similar goals. Where the marketing team puts its efforts into pushing prospects through the funnel, customer service helps in retaining them and more. Since 65 percent of a company’s business comes from existing customers, it is important to realize that customer retention is just as important as garnering new prospects. So you should work towards integrating your marketing efforts with the customer service team as it will push you in the right direction to accomplish the goals.

Customer service is your business’s backbone

Once your marketing team draws customers to your business by promising impeccable service and setting up their level of expectation, you will have to deliver the same. Fail to do so and you will lose customers before you are even able to strike a deal with them. This, in turn, will have a deep impact on your brand’s image in front of any possible customers and set you up for doom. Hence, your customer service reps must be in coordination with what the marketing team is putting out there for people to see.

Better communication drives better results

Communication is undoubtedly the main issue that most businesses struggle with. Open communication between the two departments will benefit you in keeping the brand target in check. With the customer service team on board, marketers will get a better understanding of what your consumers are looking for and interested in. This is sure to shoot up your campaign results, be it brand development or brand performance.

Customer service reps act as brand ambassadors

Being the first point of contact for your consumers, customer service reps act as the face of your brand. So, they have the potential to both make and break your business. The customer service department must act as an extension of the marketing department, with a firm grasp of the ways in which marketers idea their ideal interaction with customers. It is vital for this part of the team to always provide clients with an experience that stays true to a brand’s marketing messages keeping them coming back for more.

Kapture CRM can help your business implement customer service and marketing integration in a seamless way.


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