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5 ways CRM integrated marketing can return your lost prospects

integrated crm marketing

All businesses and marketers go through the moment of dark realization that their marketing isn’t delivering the desired returns. You could be simply watching your hard-earned prospects showing no potential interest in your offering. From the marketing perspective, this simply means that you would have low chances and high difficulty in converting those leads.

For maximizing your lead to customer conversion ratio, you should be able to establish recurring business interactions. This needs bringing back the one-time prospects back to your business platforms.

CRM integrated marketing campaigns let you organize and manage your campaigns from a single interface. By combining lead acquisition and prospect management, you can leverage maximum interaction with each concerned prospect.

Why Integrated Approach should be your Marketing Cornerstone

Today’s consumers are exposed to more virulent marketing than ever. This means that mass advertising messages get increasingly less attention when compared to previous years.

Also, mass marketing using popular media platforms are getting more expensive and can only provide depreciating ROI with respect to their expenditure.

A brief snippet of the existing situation can be described as given below.

CRM integration marketing

The proliferation of marketing mediums and competing messages has numbed your audience against previously successful advertising methodologies.

In these circumstances, the easy way to initiate customer attention is through engaging and connecting with your audience circle. But repeatedly messaging or calling your prospects has never been a great idea either. It’s a sure way to have them irritated or even confused about your business prospects.

By handling all customer interactions using a single platform, you can balance the frequency and content of your customer marketing. Through working in parallel, you can ensure that your business remains within the prospect’s focus of attention.

By using an integrated marketing approach using CRM, you can productively connect and communicate with your prospects. This will also potentially maximize your chances of conversion with every prospect.

Combine and Augment Multiple Marketing Campaigns

According to studies, Google SEO leads are 11 times more likely to convert than E-mail marketing Leads. But marketers frequently favor E-mail marketing for easy and instant lead acquisition.

With CRM-Integrated E-mail marketing, you reconnect and engage with your SEO lead list. This helps you leverage maximum returns from your existing list of acquired prospects or leads.

Initially, you can streamline your existing list of leads to a single dashboard. By connecting with a cloud account, you can manage all contacts through a single platform.


After collecting the initial prospect list through multiple marketing channels, you can use integrated E-mailing or SMS tool to further reach these prospects.

This process of augmented marketing lets you derive maximum traction from hard-earned SEO and social leads.

Retarget Customers based on their actual needs

As mentioned earlier, you are trying to find your space in a, particularly overcrowded marketing space. Usually, most valuable prospects are obtained only at the 2nd or 3rd point of connection, making them increasingly appealing.

For this, first, you need to find the relevant customer USP for each customer segment.


This data enables you to run a focused marketing campaign that could provide maximum marketing traction with each audience section.

Characteristically, this reduces your chances of getting marked as spam or getting limited to mixed marketing results. It also increases your chance of conversion with a particular audience base.

Reach Platforms and Devices much closer to audience>

As mentioned earlier, most media and platforms have limited potential of forming an audience impression. Integrated CRM marketing processes enable you to get much closer and connected with your audiences.

Customer management automation lets you build a database of customer E-mail and phone numbers. You can also utilize these contacts to initiate customer communication. Having the ability to reach your customers through these ‘points-of-contacts’ significantly improves your chances.

Combining all multiple Customer Outreach programs

Your marketing proficiency varies according to independent channels and marketing efforts.

CRM platform lets you integrate and run independent marketing activities within a single platform. This methodology lets you follow the live progress of each marketing campaign. You can also easily take the decision to improve or reinvest on a particular campaign.

Create Self-filtering list of prospects

With integrating all contacts to a single dashboard, you can create a lower threshold for dropping prospects. By deriving a filtered list of prospect, you can focus your marketing and sales team on prospects with better chances of conversion.


CRM-integrated prospect handling lets you pitch multiple times to your audience circle. This means that customers could reach and engage with your particular customers on the go.

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