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Recently, Digital India was taken aback by the litigation where Uber accused Ola of clogging up its services through false bookings initiated by their employees and internet bots. We are not yet sure what’s fabricated and who is the victim. But self-assuredly, we will not be completely surprised if the judgment comes out either way –taking legal risks to gain competitive upper hand or making false accusation towards competitors is common-enough in the modern business competition.

Even with the considering the narcissism of that particularly pessimistic 1st paragraph, businesses should be aware of their competitors employing unethical spamming and automated bots techniques to snatch away your precious customers.

In the yesteryear’s, competitors were limited to manually clicking on PPC and adsense campaigns to drain away your campaign budgets.

Today, spammers and automated bots are conceived to take away your attention from consumer and use-up valuable resources that could have been otherwise directed towards productive ends. Consequently, this results in depreciating quality in lead and customer management.

In other words, it creates an effective blockade between actual prospects and your business, making it difficult for one party to reach another. In the end, you will end-up dealing with a list of scammers with no actual prospect of conversion.

CRM software helps businesses to filter their total leads and enquiries in-order to recognize your true prospects and customers. CRM-oriented process lets you easily remove all the spammers and automated enquiries from your prospect list.

This enables you to consequently stream your resources to converting sales opportunities and servicing customers. By employing a CRM-oriented business, you can increase your sales turnover and channel your customer service on resolving real and actual customer issues.

With CRM, you can control multiple points of your lead and prospect management to efficiently recognize and segment your customers.

Personalize In-depth Customer Data

Spammers and robot bots are geared towards filling-up top level information such as name and contact E-mail to the maximum number of websites. The situation creates additional stress on managing customer data on recognizing and managing customer data.

If you can initiate customers to furnish multiple data about their business, it would get harder for illegitimate entries into getting into your lead count. With collecting and managing multiple sources of customer data, you can follow multiple entries into your customer profiles.

Organize and Use Customer Data

Customer dataBy creating detailed customer and prospect profiles, you can recognize overlapping data and contact information. This enables you to remove duplicate entries including the identical information in separate profiles.

Even though it isn’t a fail proof method, this method makes it harder to automate the way of entering your prospect list, thereby increasing your prospect list fidelity. Thereby, your number of false enquiries also drops-down incrementally.

Accurately Segment and Classify your Users

As mentioned earlier, Spammers and bots tend to sneak their way into accumulated user data and analytics reports. CRM-based segmentation and filtering lets you categorize user base into specific section or user bases.

It also lets you recognize and evaluate your customer requirements on a consistent basis.

Customer Type

This also allows you to run automated communication programs, letting you reach both prospects and spammers in one sweeping process. Practically, this acts as a screener to separate your real users and imposters.

This also allows you effectively reach and manage your prospects in an efficient way.

Remove dependence on Channels and Establish Customer Relationships

If you are over-dependent on a particular channel or platform, you would be making yourself vulnerable to a skilled spammer attack. Here, skilled spammer can utilize a particular channel to leverage maximum visibility on the channel. This could possibly misguide even the experienced sales or service professional.

By being present at a common platform, you can streamline all your customer interactions towards a common platform.

CRM Software lets you can view and respond to customer queries from a single platform to reduce the response time. This lets you directly engage with your customer circle, eliminating one-time inquiries and the resultant drop in lead responses.


Rather than an abstract problem, large-scale spamming and robot bot activity is a pressing issue that can cost you customers and resources. ability to side-step random spam queries and focus on right prospects is quintessential to the survival of your business.

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