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7 Tips For Successful Adaptation Of CRM Software Solution

Undoubtedly, CRM is an invaluable tool that can streamline various business processes. But the challenge lies in getting employees to embrace the change and accept the new application and unfamiliar processes.  There are many things you can do to motivate your employees to use the CRM software the way it is intended, so it can serve as an effective tool for your business. Here are our seven tips:

1. What’s in it for them (WIIFT):

One of the most common reasons employees resist any change, is because they are unaware of how it benefits them. Explain to your sales personnel how an online CRM software is a tool that can actually help them save time, sell more and benefit them directly. They’ll be more likely to respond positively if they see the personal benefits by adapting to the new software.

2. Easy Integration:

While adopting a new CRM software, ensure that all your systems can be easily integrated with the different systems and tools you use in your organization. Integrations help save time, improve functional capabilities, and promote collaboration by providing access to various tools from a single platform. Kapture’s super-rich API ecosystem ensures you are able to integrate all your systems, such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Facebook, Quick Books etc. easily.

3. Keep it simple:

The hallmark of any technology is its ability to seamlessly blend into our daily lives without requiring too much effort to master it. A CRM software solution must easily integrate into existing daily routines without requiring laborious effort to learn and use by employees who are already quite busy, will find more takers in any organization. The user-friendly interface of Kapture, combined with other features such as easy navigation makes it an ideal business tool, cutting across industries and sectors.

4. Look for mobile capabilities:

It is always a wiser option to opt for the CRM software which has inbuilt mobile capabilities. Employees are often hesitant to adapt to a CRM system as they are busy outdoors, meeting clients and usually don’t have time to input data. Having a CRM solution like Kapture, with its mobile-first focus, they can input data and access information on the go, anytime, anywhere.

5. Adequate Training:

Any new piece of technology requires a bit of training to get a hang of how it works and to know its nitty-gritty and its intricacies. The same principle applies to your prospective CRM solution. It is human nature to resist unfamiliarity. So, train your employees well in advance before the implementation deadline, and more importantly, continue to offer training after implementation too. Give your salespeople a breather in order to allow them to acclimatize themselves to the new software.

You can also consider rolling out a new software feature-wise, in easy manageable bite-sized chunks. Once employees grasp a particular feature or functionality, the next one can be introduced. Releasing a software in gradual phases eases the process of change and can make people more amenable to using the tool. CRM software providers like Kapture provide good implementation and support training for one month after the cut-off date. What’s more, we also have a helpdesk that is open 24*7, providing instant help whenever needed by the client.

6. Ready-to-use reports:

Reports are a very handy tool, as they transform raw data into meaningful information displayed in a succinct way, thereby easing the decision-making process. The ability to compile reports in an easily understandable way with one click can help make the adoption process easier, hassle-free and more welcoming. Kapture CRM manages all your data seamlessly and can generate over 300 Return-On-Investment (ROI) based reports, on the screen in front of you.

7. Incentivize through Competition:

People always like a little competition. Instead of merely commanding that any new behavior must be adopted, you can consider offering an incentive, holding periodic contests, or some other form of positive motivation. For example, encouraging CRM usage by rewarding the employee with the most detailed customer profiles and comprehensive data, or making sales using specific features of the software will motivate people to match the top performers’ efforts.

For a successful and convenient onboarding process of your business management tool, you’ll need multiple approaches working in tandem with each other. Evaluate the relevant internal and external factors well before implementing an online CRM software, and your business will benefit from the tool as well as people happy to use it.

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