customer experience management

CRM and Customer Experience: Improving Customer Relationships With a CRM Software

customer experience management

Gone is the time when customer support was merely about calls being answered or a query cleared. Today, customer experience is building a relationship with the client to grow their trust in your services and expand your business. If there’s a white knight to help an organization reach new levels of customer experience, it is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. With CRM software, interactions between the businesses and clients go beyond the “waiting” call.

What is the significance of Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the customers’ understanding or impression of how well your company tends to them. According to a report published in Gartner, 50% of consumer product investments are expected to be redirected to customer experience innovations by 2017.

Driving customer loyalty into your organization is the foremost step in ensuring that they continue to do business with you. The 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer by American Express says, “Three out of four consumers say they have spent more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences.” One bad experience, and comes trouble in paradise. A customer care centre acts as the first point of communication between your customer and you, so investing in an efficient management system, leads to better productivity and positive feedback from the customers.

How does CRM help to improve Customer Experience?

If keeping customers happy was a piece of cake, everyone would be having it. An integrated CRM software is no more just a reservoir of data, but a learning mine of your customer’s behaviour helping you serve them better. Along with relevant business information, the CRM needs to contain certain personal details that deliver a more personalized experience to the customers. This humanized touch could, in turn, help you with customer retention, by turning a new lead into a loyal client. Kapture CRM, for instance, lets you keep track of your leads with an updated history of your interactions, aiding you to stay atop tasks.

Social Involvement:

With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, customer outreach has soared new heights. A large amount of audience gathered into a single platform makes it easier to promote their products and connect with both new and loyal customers on a more personal level. Going with a study on MediaBistro, 25% of Facebook and Twitter users expect a reply to their complaints via social media in less than 1 hour, managing leads from social media has never been easier. Whether it is a comment on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter you don’t need an eagle eye to keep things in check, Kapture will do it for you.

Customer Retention:

The fundamental purpose of any support system or tool is a fast and effective service to the customers, ultimately retaining their business. The customer service tools need an in-depth evaluation to check if they fulfil the purpose of the company and the support team. The more the flexibility of a CRM, the better it adapts to the organization. Kapture CRM does just that. It is fully customizable to attune to different business processes.

Target-Based Resource Allotment:

This is another feature that works wonders for your business. If the loyal customers are taken care of, there is no denying the profits that do to your company. The analytical tools of a CRM software can be used to identify and keep track of premium customers. Hence, the resources can be allocated in a manner that they receive the foremost customer service always.


A major chunk of customer experience is based on feedback. Since CRM collects data from diverse sources; customer calls, chats, social media to name a few, it gives you a clearer picture of their view of your products or services. The CRM helps you act on this feedback efficiently, in order to increase the number of satisfied customers.

If there is one thing that we can all agree on is that, in order to deliver exemplary customer service, you need a better understanding of your customer. A CRM helps you achieve this hassle-free. As Gartner predicts that Customer Relationship Management will increase to a $36.5 Billion worldwide market by the end of this year, the future of the industry looks bright.

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