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If you have a business in hand, you’ve probably got a hundred things on mind. Well, we could help you with ninety of those problems with just one platform. When it comes to work that requires on-field transactions and interactions with customers, it is a nearly herculean task to manage everything all at once. Even for managers, managing their field sales reps can be very daunting. Kapture’s GPS integrated CRM makes field sales an organized and systematic.

Here are few questions that are answered to understand the immense potential of the our field force features:

How do you keep a track on sales representatives who are on field?

Well, apart from recording attendance of your sales representatives online, you could also track their location using GPS. Representative’s real time location can be mapped on the CRM system with accurate timestamps. With precise check in and check out timings, allotment and cross checking of work can be processed easily.

Can you keep representatives aware of the products and services on-field?

When your reps are on-field meeting clients or customers, we can help them stay aware of the products, latest offers, price ranges and other business related data ready to go-all in one app.

Can you feed and store sales related data on the app as well?

Mobile Sales Management has been made easier and more efficient on one platform. As and when the representatives meet customers, their information, order enquires or requests, order status, pending payments and other such sales and customer related data can be stored and monitored likewise.

What about delivery and payment statuses?

Perfectly organized dashboard, offering several shelves of information will be brought to you. Your customers’ order status, delivery process updates, pending and completed payment updates can now be brought all together.

How is internal business communication possible through one app?

Communication between Grass-root level employees, senior level management is very necessary to keep the flow of data regarding sales, customers, payments, meetings and such. Channel-wise business insights, employee reporting, task management, location tracking related information can be accessed with a desktop in the location accessed by senior level management responsible for supervising.

Can you keep a record on expected productive results and current sales data in accordance to meeting customers online?

Reports can be generated based on different channels, stores or region and these reports can used to compare and contrast the target sales and current sales. Apart from this, scheduled meetings, appointments with customers can also be marked in the calendar and be duly checked off. These options come in handy to stay updated about the productivity of the representatives on field which would otherwise be extremely hard in real time.

Let’s consider a few problems that could be solved by simple Force Field Analysis

Ambiguity in details :

When it comes to on field business, there usually is no on singular person tracking the sales representative, which sometimes leads to lack of accuracy and confusion.

No time to time updates :

With one singular platform, is issue is solved. You can access time to time updates on meetings, sales, payments, and so on.

Minimal resource management :

By analyzing the time management, sources of active customers and time consuming clients or sales representatives, resources can be reallocated for maximum optimal positive results

Confusion in roots of problems :

With Field force technology, one can statistically analyze leads and find out sources of active, passive and inefficient sources of customers.

You’ll be amazed at the ways technology can bring you all solutions to a problem which takes a great amount of manual effort and time. Kapture, single handedly brings you one fantastic medium to get all the on field work done effortlessly.

Real Estate, FMCG, Hospitality, HealthCare, Pharmacy and several such areas have been thoroughly assisted by integration with Kapture.

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