5 Benefits of Integrating a CRM with Your Website

benefits of integrating a crm

Increasing productivity, reducing costs and maximising profits are the three critical factors to any online business. And, a better way to walk towards these goals is to use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.
CRM helps to manage your customers and keep track of interactions with them. It captures your customer data and makes the interaction history accessible so that you can take better business decisions.

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Here are 5 benefits of integrating a CRM with your website.

1. Access to customer interaction data

Having access to historical customer data and interaction record is essential. If you do not have that, you fail to evaluate the effectiveness of your business decisions.

So, the most important benefit you receive by integrating CRM into the website is you get access to the customer data and have an idea of what’s going on with your business. You don’t need to worry anymore about the future impact of a business decision. Because CRM enables you to be well-informed in advance.

Once you integrate, you will automatically understand the benefits. No more rambling and struggling with outdated and incomplete databases.

2. Better profiling

The more data you have on a customer, the easier it is to create an accurate profile. Well documented customer profiles result in definite business benefits. A key advantage of CRM is the capability to profile customers or leads. This helps you to predict what they might purchase and what type of products are performing well for a certain customer group.

Integration of a CRM to your website helps you get a complete picture of your customers. Right from the initial enquiry to sales and final feedback – you get the whole picture for each of your sales.

CRM data allow you to manage your marketing campaigns more effectively. Defining the target market gets easier, and the campaigns become more effective.

3. Centralised data storage

An integrated CRM provides you with a single, centralised data source that all the departments can use to reach overall organisational objectives. This still stands as one of the biggest reasons for integrating CRM.

A single master record on each customer or potential lead would save a lot of time. With no duplicate data, you access the one single storage and retrieve necessary data rather than checking multiple systems to combine and get the full picture.

4. Increased productivity and reduced administration overhead

Without CRM one must manually collect and analyse all the customer data to get a full overview. This also opens up the possibilities for errors and miscalculations.

These errors can be costly. When you have one centralised data source that doesn’t receive any duplicate information and provides all necessary data in no time, it doesn’t only reduce the administration overhead but also increases productivity due to less time and human resources required to generate business strategies.

5. Increased conversion and sales

A quality CRM provides correlated data on customers. With this data, you can study on your customer and have a better idea about them.

As a result, you can set your business strategies to help your customers get closer to their desired products or services. In this way letting you choose the right campaign for the right customer, CRM helps to increase your sales.

CRM not only helps you in selling your product. Customer data can increase the overall conversion of any website regardless of its type. Web design companies like WebAlive can produce conversion friendly custom designs for your website by analysing your CRM data.


By now we have come to know the benefits of integrating a CRM into the website. A CRM helps organise the total data flow of business so well that you don’t have to worry about redundant data, data loss, and wastage of time and workforce.

If you still haven’t integrated a CRM with your website, you may contact kapture. Once they have your CRM ready, integrate it to the site to make your work flawless and smooth.


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