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How to automate student engagement with Mobile CRM app

 Advantages of a Mobile CRM Software

Fostering student achievement in higher education and post-graduation has never been more crucial than in today’s academic climate. The prospective student base is much extensive and more diverse than ever before. As an obvious upshot, many colleges and universities are reconsidering their entire curriculum to meet a variety of student requirements.

It’s not so difficult to identify the student’s pulse. Now we are living in a world of apps. People, especially the young generation, keep downloading apps to fit every need in their lives- shopping, navigation, news, social and of course, utilities.

The Basic Factors behind Engaging Prospective Students

Student engagement is related to a vast range of outcomes and most of the students are looking for institutions that offer new experiences, fostering achievement and approving new technologies. Implementation of mobile technology for student engagement has hit the roof of the higher education sector.

As students are now used to Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, most of them expect better connectivity within the campus.

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They prefer online access to any kind of information, be it application status, syllabus, specialized programs, college calendar or fee structure.

The efficiency in admission process plays a crucial role in prospective student engagement. Since it is the first step to get into the institution, the entire admission process carries half of the impression in front of the students.

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Integrating CRM Software in Campus Infrastructure

What could possibly be a role of CRM in education sector? As we know, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. But when it comes to higher education, ‘Customer’ is often replaced with ‘Constituent’ for a better understanding of the role of CRM.

Education CRM software can be cohesive for the college and universities, as it incorporates all administrative systems in a single mobile application.

A CRM software helps in automating and managing communications for everyone in the institution, including current and prospective students, alumni, faculty members, and non-teaching members.

It facilitates the users to personalize and customize both the message and the network they used to convey the information to their constituent.

An education CRM can help manage the entire admission process with accuracy and reduced length of the admission cycle.

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More Engaged Students Entail Better Learning Outcomes

Learning and the process of enhancing your own individual knowledge base can be interesting with a mobile app. We need students everywhere to be truly motivated and be almost addicted to learning new things each and every day.

Students have frequent queries regarding everything, be it admission process, exams, class timetable, syllabus or information about sports clubs. An education CRM can integrate the option of live chat with the application so that both the current and prospective students can get the desired information whenever they want.

It provides a unanimous platform to collaborate and bridge the gap between the authority and students.

It empowers the entire student support system by automating the execution of the student plan and institute curriculum.

A smart campus is altogether a motivating factor for a student. It plays a vital role in confirming complete student engagement and a great learning outcome.

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As educational sector continues to evolve, it is imperative for the university and college administrators to keep an eye on how students’ requirements are changing as well. The ability to adopt new technology will make the institution more preferable for the students. Say bye-bye to old noticeboard and long lines in front of students’ enquiry counter; it’s time to ensure maximum connectivity and minimum wastage of time.

Kapture CRM for education provides a complete platform to enhance student experience and simplify administrative tasks.

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