Charge your Support Services with Kapture X Ameyo Integration

Ameyo is a cloud-based cloud telephony software. It delivers the solutions which are required to run service-based enterprise. Kapture Service CRM is a scalable and enterprise-customizable cloud-based CRM Platform for End-to-End Customer Service Management.

Ameyo’s cloud telephony integration with Kapture helps your service or support agents manage calls. With interactions taking place on multiple channels, you can gather information and manage all enquiries from a single dashboard.

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What are the other features that you can benefit from Kapture and Ameyo Integration? 

Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring

Get summarized agent performance metrics, call-center metrics, and KPIs. Ameyo integrated with the Kapture Service Cloud allows supervisors to easily manage the agent workforce in real-time with an overall view of call source, live calls, call duration, etc. Kapture helps you analyse these reports to make instant and informed decisions.

You might have tried every possible strategy to improve your business but you must have failed to do so. Why? Because you might not be analysing your data. Ameyo–Kapture integration helps you analyse the call source and duration so as to improve your first-call resolution and help your agents achieve the set KPIs.

Creating an Omnichannel Support System

Kapture and Ameyo together help your customers reach out to you from multiple platforms. This is done to improve customer service experience and ensure more goodwill. With Kapture, your customer service representative can also add comments and follow up on enquiries which are unanswered or pending.

Customers reach out to you with different kinds of queries from various platforms. It is difficult for agents to manage these queries coming in bulk from different platforms. Kapture’s Omnichannel support system helps you manage all queries from a single dashboard, making your team more productive.

Kapture helps you create this omnichannel experience along with Ameyo’s cloud telephony integration. With both of them made available on a single dashboard, it becomes easier for your agents to respond to queries faster, which in turn, increases their efficiency.

Ticket Generation

With your support presence being made available on multiple channels, it becomes difficult to track them without the help of a CRM. Kapture’s integration with Ameyo helps you track the tickets raised by your customers from various platforms and allows you to either auto-assign or manually assign these tickets to your agents. Once the ticket is resolved, it will be linked to the customer’s ID who initially raised the ticket for further references.

Ameyo CRM Integration helps you generate a ticket automatically for any kind of query in the form of a call. As soon as one receives a call on the dashboard, the system runs a quick check and merges any pre-existing tickets with the current ticket. One could also view the entire customer history by just clicking on a single tab on the same dashboard.


Ameyo helps your agents switch between sessions and automate the two-way data synchronization between Kapture and Ameyo. With a single username and password, Kapture reduces the time taken by your agents to switch between tabs or screens to obtain customer information.

Every time your support team receives a call, it appears on Kapture’s Dashboard. When your agent clicks on the incoming ticket, they can look into the history of the customers by just clicking on the ticket. Kapture’s ticketing filter helps you allocate the tickets according to department, agent and more. In addition to that, to generate reports based on certain features, you can filter the tickets accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Everyone is adapting to cloud storage. This is because it offers centralised storage. Data can be accessed from anywhere and at any given point in time on the Kapture dashboard. With agents working round the clock, simplifying their work becomes a challenging task. Implementing a cloud telephony solution helps in boosting their productivity.

Kapture’s integration with Ameyo is the apt solution for all their needs in a service-based enterprise.


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