CRM Monster in Halloween

Trick or Treat – Gotta Catch All Those Leads This Halloween

It’s Halloween and it is time to go trick or treating and our favorite candy be nothing less than some piping hot leads.

But wait, what software you are using to prospect and manage new leads.

An excel sheet? Facepalm!

You could generate all the leads you want, but a seasoned sales professional knows that selling is a process of disqualification.

So what does this have to do with Halloween?

I’m glad you asked.

Hindsight is like a mental zombie that never dies and sales opportunities once lost can haunt your business and leave the cash register dry.

In the spirit of celebrating the undead, let’s look at a few CRM tools you could use to awaken dead leads and breathe life into new ones.

Ready? Let’s go

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1. Zombie Leads Can Now Be Resurrected

When lead pools dry up and PIPELINES turn into zombie land – deal management comes to the rescue. As soon as a prospect is contacted, sales teams can update deal stages to determine whether the deal is open, in progress or closed

By marking a follow-up a few months away, your team gets notified as fresh life enters zombie leads. By nurturing these leads with emails on content – buyers in power can be converted helping you understand the lead to the conversion life cycle.

2. Frankenstein’s Guide to Superhuman Sales Strength

Just like Frankenstein was born with watts of electricity pumped through his gigantic veins, you can electrify your sales funnel with the omnichannel lead inbox. A study by Lead connect found that 78% of customers purchase from a company that responds to their query first.

The omnichannel lead inbox puts the power back into the hands of your sales team by connecting the CRM to multiple lead generation platforms. As soon as a lead is generated, your team can connect with this new lead instantly with a cloud telephony integration, allowing your best sales pitch to be just a single click away

3. Draculafy Cold Leads

Be honest?

How often have you heard “ Uh, I just signed up on your advertisement because I was browsing, I’m not really interested in purchasing.”

First instinct – “ I kill you”

Second instinct – “ I suck your blood out”

Third instinct – Tag as cold lead.

The lead scoring tools are great to quickly weed out cold prospects helping your team focus on the tiny percentage that can be converted.

4. Haunt Procrastination with Daily Plans

The daily planner is a great tool to enhance the productivity and focus of your sales team. You can even use geotagging, to map out routes for each member helping them hit multiple meetings in just one outing.

5. Spooky Accurate Sales Forecasts

Goal setting without a plan is like a ship with no destination. The Sales CRM spooks out generalities and platitudes with ultra-specific sales forecasts. The forecasts help you visualize and compare your team’s performance with your goals by evaluating your pipeline. Leads, meetings and individual targets are carved into graphical reports available to you in every format but a pumpkin.




Trick or treat Ahoy, a sales CRM system closes leads with joy. The Sales CRM is the ideal business automation software that haunts procrastination by draculafiying cold leads helping your team chase hot leads with god-like Frankenstein power.

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