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Are you tried of the endless game of catching up?

Well, we’ve all been there!

Spending our much needed weekends at office staring at the computer. Hoping that we could magically consolidate the entire week’s work in a day or two. Falling behind the schedule by pushing ourselves to be more productive.

Or maybe just trying to earn extra money by taking up additional work load. There are plenty of scenarios where we try our best but still fall short to deliver. All of us work hard but yet fail to make the cut. So, how do we ensure productivity at work?

Well, it’s all about proper time management. We can turn our minuses to pluses or our failures to success provided we pay heed to this one basic aspect of our life.

We are all gifted with the luxury of time but how well do we recognize its importance?

How do we productively make use of the time?

Such imperative questions can be daunting to any busy professional but it’s necessary to understand them to advance our goals.

How to Streamline your Business Schedules?

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, everyone is following the next big thing. Most brands build their businesses and brand portfolios by cracking the big idea. As much as we would like to sail our cruise with these brilliant ideas we fail to recognize and consider the simple things. The simple solutions that help right-track our businesses. In order to execute consistent marketing plan and stay up to date, the most apt solution is nothing but proper time management.

Doing business without a plan is like walking in the dark. You know what you’re doing but no one else does. Without advance planning, marketing activities become redundant. The everyday tasks start piling up, plaguing our work life.

Adding value to our business by prioritizing our schedule becomes very important. It helps companies manage things like poor performance, additional expenditures for last minute services, lack of follow ups and low lead conversions.

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Importance of a Marketing Calendar in CRM

A marketing calendar is crucial for the success of any business module. It is a plan to improve the business’s bottom line. It’s a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan consisting of a detailed outline and reminders concerning the marketing plan. Calendars help you run the day rather than the day running you.

How can we improve?

  • Enhance Productivity

Scheduling helps in weeding out unnecessary engagements and gives the right direction to achieve one’s goals. For instance, any e-commerce firm thrives on its delivery module. If the same delivery system is not scheduled properly it can hamper the work flow and in turn upset the customer. Having a timely managed CRM calendar feature can save one from such perils. It allows them to maintain a good work flow.

How do we get there?

  • Scheduling Meetings

It helps you efficiently retain your clients by not losing them to your competition. Proper meetings scheduling paves way for a better interaction with the client. The companies can track their previous meetings and accordingly manage their current requirements. It is a one way route to achieve the desired outcome. Take the example of making prior reservations at any restaurant. Forgetting to reserve the table may result in you losing out on your chance to enjoy a good meal at your favourite restaurant. So be smart and plan ahead to avoid losing out on your favourites.

  • Setting Reminders

Have you ever been schooled by your wife for forgetting her birthday or worse your marriage anniversary?

Well, in any given situation setting a reminder will always come to your aid and save you from getting grilled by your peers.

When it comes to professional sphere, it helps you foster a healthier relationship with your client. Managing brand consistency by setting appropriate reminders can bring fruitful results. It helps employees streamline their daily activities and helps them prioritize their work. A business head can expect meticulous work from his or her subordinates with the help of this important feature.

How did we do?

  • Timely actions: As the saying goes, a stitch in a time saves nine. Doing the right thing at the right time can save one from all the unnecessary trouble. It helps in building trust and saving one’s valuable time and effort.

How do we measure success?

  • Streamlined activities: Consider an organization where things are left haphazard as opposed to a company where every activity is streamlined and orderly. The image of any organization is affected by these minute things. An orderly routine will help employees function in a better way. It gives them clarity about what he/she is doing and helps paint a better picture in front of them.
  • Customer engagement: The increase in productivity drives customer engagement. All of the above mentioned aspects help in building relationship with your client and your customer. The purpose of any company is to convey their message to their target audience. For doing so a company will have to systematically allocate their resources and timely manage their actions. Hence, a marketing calendar becomes extremely vital to manage customer relationship and drive desirable responses.

It’s what you do that counts!


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