Best customer service

Biggest Challenges in Delivering Top Class Customer Service

Best customer service

The quality of customer service is the foremost cause of concern for most brands. When 55% of consumers say easy access to support and information can make them fall in love with a brand (source), it is reason enough to work hard on providing the best customer service. However, customer experience management is not entirely a piece of cake. From knowing what your customers want to when they want it, you need to be up-to-speed on everything.

The secret of a proper customer service lies in two aspects;

  • efficiency of the support team
  • kind of questions they can handle from the customer

Though scripted answers are a sure shot way of ensuring consistency and knowledge, but they can work up only to a certain point. No two customer cases are the same, so your team would have to answer certain queries on their own. If you ask around you will notice this is the ultimate challenge most organizations face making addressing them a tedious task for the workforce involved.

While this is just one example, there are other numerous combinations of questions, feedback and issues that you have to face. So, here we give you an insight into the most common service challenges and how to tackle them efficiently.

Delivering consistent customer service across multiple channels

A research tells that customers no longer rate their service experience with you, based on a single interaction. Instead how you deliver service as a whole through omnichannel support over a period of time. Thus, as a business you need to make sure whether it is a live chat or in-store the customer must consistently receive a good experience.

According to a research conducted by Aberdeen Group, companies that provide a consistent service quality across multiple channels retain 89% of their customers, whereas companies that do not provide a consistent quality are only able to retain 33%.

In order to make sure you live up to this challenge, use cross-department collaboration to your advantage. Make sure all your teams are fully aware and in constant communication throughout customer support initiatives.

Integrating Social Media Support

As Jeff Bezos rightly states, “If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

This is the reason social media is your best bet when planning on building a brand reputation and awareness. Most customers tend to use social media in their interactions with brands, due to its ease. Be it giving feedback, ask questions or complain; they use social network channels to get their word across. If you are not vigilant, these posts might remain unattended for the entire world to take notice and may harm your brand. It might even scare off any potential customers. Therefore, be online and awake.

Handling Customer Feedback

A research by Kolsky suggests “70% of companies that deliver best in class customer experience use customer feedback – versus industry average of 50%, and 29% for laggards.” While most customers don’t bother to complain, the ones that do should be heard in order to make more business opportunities. Improving customer experience begins when you have feedback on your current process. However, if you don’t have a systematic customer feedback process in place it becomes a huge challenge.

To remedy this, you can consider the following feedback loops:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Monthly business reviews
  • Post-interaction surveys
  • Comments on website and mobile apps
  • In store forms

This way, you give yourself lots of chances to get insights helping you frame your customer experience decisions.

Comprehending customer expectations

The better your brand is at providing customer experience, more the customer expectations increase with each transaction. Constantly changing customer expectations requires businesses to keep up with what their customer wants and knowing how to exceed them as well. This is where customer conversations come in handy.

Make sure you listen to what your customers are saying and analyze the customer behaviour. You can even keep an eye out for what your competitors are doing and what’s being well received and implement new techniques. The best way to exceed expectations is to stay one step ahead of everybody else.

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