Attendance Management Software: Does accountanabiity stop at attendence


Business today, is not like how it used to be. Earlier, only aspect that used to matter in business was the revenue. Other aspects did not matter much if the person is getting business. Now, the situation has changed, in the corporate world. Productivity is a very key aspect for employee evaluation. It is necessary for the employer to understand how productive you are for the company. In fact productivity is one of the major factors on which you are judged. It is also on the basis of productivity, that your salary hike is decided.

In such scenario, process automation is your best solution, because it helps you get the best of your employees. CRM software is your perfect solution because it is an integrated productivity solution. CRM helps to increase the productivity of your employees in many ways, here are a few highlights:

Automates Day to Day Task

CRM is the perfect productivity tool which helps you to create a customized platform, which helps you assign or automate some day to day tasks to your employees. It is very easy to assign task in the CRM software, and also perform tasks like sending automatic emails or quotes to clients. One can also see the status of all the tasks on a real time basis, which helps in better analysis. One can also see the daily reports at the end of the day which helps to see if daily task has been completed by an individual

Give Targets

Through CRM you can also assign targets to a particular person. One can see how much target has been achieved by the individual on a daily basis. The CRM app monitors productivity on the basis of the targets achieved. There is also a feature in the CRM software, through which one can match the target report to the sales report to see if the given target has been met. It also evaluates if the individual has over achieved the target.

Improved Communication

CRM software helps to improve internal communication. It is because through CRM software multiple departments can co-ordinate with each other easily. Marketing department can see if the leads generated by them are getting converted by the sales department. The CRM software therefore helps a lot in internal communication.

GPS tracking

The CRM software has something known as the CRM-GPS integration, which is one of the productivity tools of CRM software. One can track every sales employee’s location, transit state and their intermediary stops through the CRM software. It also maintains cloud records of the GPS locations. The accurate reporting of the CRM makes employee accountable for all activities like sales meetings, time spent with each customer, negotiation etc. One can engage and cultivate these values and motivate employees by rewarding their performance and effort.

The CRM also provides reports and analysis on the productivity of an employee. Analyzing the productivity of an employee through process automation is important because it helps you get best out of employees.

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