Kapture CRM Contact management

Contact management software: how to personalize every prospect interaction

Kapture CRM Contact management

When you are running a business, lead generation is one of them most important aspects of your business. You invest a lot of money in lead generation through marketing campaigns and generate those valuable leads which are then converted into business.

These leads are your current as well as future business. So it is very important that you manage the leads properly, because even if you are able to generate a lot of leads, it is of no use if you are not able to manage your leads and store it properly. The loss of lead is loss of business which you can’t afford in any case.

So in this case what you need is a contact management software, or a CRM software which assists you with proper management and sorting of your leads which helps you in creating a proper database of your leads. So here are a few reasons why CRM software can be your contact management software :

Better Lead Management :

It helps in better management of leads, from different the different sources. The software manages the leads from the different online sources. They even manage the leads from offline sources. It is very important to manage your leads properly, because it is the source of your business. You can assign the leads to your team based on location, priority, particular products and many other factors.

• CRM can allocate leads on a zonal basis; i.e if a person is assigned to a particular zone, then the leads will be directly assigned to that individual.

• Leads can also be allocated on a priority basis. The leads which are hot can be allocated to an individual, while cold leads can be allocated to other individual.

• If leads have come in for a particular product, then it can be assigned to a particular individual.
You can even customize your method of assigning the leads on this cloud based lead management system.

Customer Profiling :

Creating a database of the leads is as important as lead generation. This is because customer profiling is of utmost importance. It is important to know who your potential customers are, and what their names are and this cloud based lead management system helps you to achieve it. Customer profiling includes so many details about the customers like company name, designation, personal email id, address, area, area code, city, zone, and so many other small details which helps you understand you customer to the core. It becomes easier to talk to the prospective customer because you have so much detail about that individual. It also has details like date of birth, with you can wish the person, and build a personal connect with the client.

Prioritize :

The CRM software helps you prioritize between potential customers and visitors. It is so that you know which leads you need to follow, and you do not lose your valuable time following all the leads. Also you can track the leads through this software which is cloud based and has many lead tracking tools

Better Conversion :

It is very important to prioritize between your potential customers and visitors because it will help you convert more leads because you can focus on your potential customers by providing better pre-sales and after sales services. You also get conversion analysis in this cloud based lead management mobile application. You get to know which source is getting you the maximum leads and which one is getting the maximum conversions.

So this way through the contact management software, you don’t lose out on any prospects or customers instead you get better analysis of your leads which helps you understand your customer better.

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