5 Significant Customer Touch points covered by a CRM Software

customer touch points in crm

Until a few years back, all customer conversations were managed through single or dual touch points or interfaces – telephone and Internet. Here, you were easily able to collect and manage all customer interactions and conversations. In this platform, you were able to collect and streamline client conversations to a single platform.

This made it easier for businesses to outsource their service operations. This also led to a resultant quality drop, as you were suddenly required to handle the larger call volume.

Today clients can choose from umpteen number of independent platforms for your business automation process. Even these multiple platforms come with their own way of conversations and mannerisms.

As a result, businesses are expected to be much more conversationalist while dealing with their customer queries. Also, businesses are expected to spend much more time as they are dealing with their daily conversations.

With proliferating platforms, businesses constantly struggle while unifying the entire bucket of queries and leads. With CRM-based prospect management, you can manage these five customer touchpoints through a single platform.

  1. Call Integration and Streamlining
    Customer calls remain an indispensable part of modern customer contact method. Today, businesses are expected to manage larger volume and quality in calls, almost inconsiderate of infrastructure and manpower requirement.

    With CRM call integration, you can streamline entire call volume to a limited set of service executive lines. This collectively will help you to get closer to the optimal time of managing every client query.

  2. Social Media Conversations
    Having an active social media profile, enable businesses to break the set of etiquette associated with call and E-mail conversations. Here, you could assume a much more casual tone and material for customer conversation.

    But messages from the social platform are also a definite form of conversations. A social media CRM enables you to collect and streamline all conversations to a single platform. With associating each conversational string to a single user, you can also integrate different social channels.

  3. E-mail Messaging
    Business E-mails still have the weight of most official form of conversations. This means increased responsibility with each form of massage, associated with calls and emails.

    With CRM-integration, you keep an unbroken string of conversations through various channels, each contributing to previous customer conversation.

  4. 3rdParty Websites
    If you are running an extensive marketing campaign, you could get quickly overwhelmed by the number of marketing channels. With CRM-based marketing, you can streamline multiple marketing platforms to provide easy client conversations.
  5. Chat Rooms and Forums
    For any business, you can find you’re most intimate and involved with frequent users in different Chat Rooms and Forums. CRM based thread management enables you to respond timely and manage conversations.


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