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WOW the Wanderlusters with CRM for Travel Industry

Ever since the concept of holistic marketing came into existence, businesses across various industries have realized that achieving sales targets alone won’t be enough. Therefore, the sustenance and stability of the business totally dependent on the relationship maintained with customers. While the new consumers are important for the business’s growth, the loyal customers act as the backbone of your business.

A recent study has shown that new consumers cost 6-7 times more than the existing ones

This shows that a positive recommendation from an existing customer leaves a lasting impression and so do the referrals. Hence, a quintessential part of the business is to keep up and nurture the consumer buyers’ base to pull out long-term profits.

With the focus shifting from business to consumers, the need of CRM is now becoming a staple. When other sectors are using CRM for its awesome features, travel industry to is luring the consumers with its alluring benefits. But how does a CRM wows the wanderlust you ask?

Well, here are a few advantages of using CRM software for the travel industry. that can totally give your travel customers a familiar experience; and no….we aren’t talking about Déjà Vu.

Wow, your customers with easy web integration:

From easy web integrations to web enquires, manage everything with CRM integration. You can even analyze which Google or Facebook campaigns are getting the most enquires.

Real-time status of each enquiry:

One of the benefits of implementing CRM is attaining the real-time status of each enquiry. Because an awesome CRM allows you to access all the data from anywhere, anytime, your team remains on the same page. Meaning, viewing all the queries and assigning to the concerned team at the right time.

Enhanced consumer satisfaction and loyalty:

When you welcome your customers with their names, they feel overwhelmed which equals to enhanced customer service CRM. This becomes another major factor for your consumers to use your services again.

  • Web-based access to all including customer data with 24*7 availability across multiple devices. This prevents haywire in your team as everyone knows about the customer data and updated with the recent communication.
  • Maintaining customer history for better customer experience: Managing a prospect becomes easier when you are already updated with the previous communication. A kick ass CRM allows you to view all the previous communication. This allows you to leverage the previous data and lure your consumer with a relevant solution.
  • CRM has alerts, follow-up activities, etc. through which you can check your customers and manage them more efficiently.

Travel Industry CRM

The travel industry is growing and making its roots stronger year by year. Because of this continuous growth in travel management, ample businesses are emerging and innovating their products to cater all the consumers’ requirements all across the globe.

As per the studies, the global travel industry reaps $7.6 Trillion and is expected to grow more in the coming years.

Keeping this figure in mind, the travel industry has enormous potential for all types of travel enterprises. But the key component here is to make the buyer’s journey smooth and give them an unforgettable travelling experience. The success of a travel company totally depends on that and this is why travel companies are leaning towards CRM.

The right CRM saves a considerable amount of time, hence, productivity increases. Through travel agency management software and system, a travel enterprise can set access levels, create teams, automate tasks, efficiently manage workload, and more. Now, what’s more?

Well, here are a few more achievable benefits after implementing the perfect CRM:

  • Managing & retaining customers’ information and quick access to the team to view your clients’ information.
  • Helps travel agencies in handling better delegation, ease of communication, cover absenteeism and measures performance.
  • The CRM tool creates reports for agents. A large amount of data is processed without any hassle and enhances the efficiency of travel agents, enabling them to focus on the prospects.
  • A CRM generates precise reports that allow the analysis of the agency’s activities.

Considering the 80-20 rule where 80% of the revenue is generated from 20% of the customers may not be true as the travel companies need to cater the requirements of all the consumers with the same attention, at the same time.

The right CRM with measurement and scrutiny will enable you to analyze the yays & nays of your strategic planning and bring out the essential areas to focus. Despite the size of the business, CRM is a crucial component of marketing, operation, and of course, customer service.

Now, the next question that strikes the mind is “Which CRM to use?” Well, why not start with a CRM that offers you a free demo?

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Book your demo today and mark your brand’s identity in this competitive market with efficient CRM software.

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