When Out Of Office: The Only 4 Business Reports You’ll Need

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker

This quote by Peter Drucker, the late management pundit, depicts the reason why most organizations invest in analytics. And, isn’t it true? If you’re not measuring your digital initiatives, how will you ever begin to optimize them?

However, don’t get carried away just yet. Just because you measured something, the management of the same is not guaranteed. That being said, measurement is the starting point for sure.

As the name suggests, a business report highlights the data pertaining to a particular business. It conveys information from one person, group or a company to another. While making major decisions to keep the business running, most business owners ignore the basics. One of these is, generating reports. This could mostly be attributed to the extreme lack of time and higher priorities. However, business reports can actually save you tones of time, resources and cost; playing a dramatic role in deciding the future of your organization.

In this post, I tell you about the 4 business reports that’ll give you all the updates you need, whether you’re seated at your desk or holidaying in Hawaii.

Lead Status Report

For more effective sales organization, sales managers need to separate their leads by queues and can make use of this capability to run through all leads in a certain status. The lead ageing report will depict the age of engagement with each of these leads and hence you can know the prospects’ journey. Kapture sales reporting system can be your companion in this respect. Using this, you can view the real-time progress of your leads in the funnel. Perhaps you might come across some leads that are in the unconnected status because the sales reps haven’t engaged with them in more than three weeks. When managers create queues based on the lead status in the Kapture CRM, they can prioritize their efforts more efficiently.


Employee Performance Report

Regular employee evaluation helps the workers be in sync with their goals and what’s expected of them in the workplace. These evaluations also provide employers with information to deploy when making major employment decisions. The dashboard informs about what leads are assigned to which employee. This makes it easy for you to follow the progress of each prospect through the sales funnel dashboard to its eventual conversion. In addition to that, you can know the number of meetings attended, cold and hot leads associated with each employee, making it easy to reward the top performers in your team.


Daily Order Report

Daily, weekly and monthly order reports will give you a clearer picture of your order pipeline. This entails the number of orders created or delivered in a specific time period and the effectiveness of the order flow. Daily sales order reports are reports exclusively generated for sales transactions and the items that have sales information in your organization. Sales statuses are used to represent the stage the order has reached in your sales cycle. Kapture CRM provides separate statuses in order to represent the inventory, shipping and invoice status of a particular order, enabling you to search and view orders on any combination of these statuses. Sales Pipeline Management module helps the sales team to align their tasks and grab highly probable sales opportunities.


Marketing Report

The creation of a marketing report is just a logical extension of any marketing campaign. A marketing report provides a quick view of the marketing efforts and whether they are aligned in the right direction. Different campaigns generate several leads but working on numerous marketing campaigns simultaneously makes it hard to track them on a regular basis. Hence, marketing tools to the rescue.

A good marketing report is one that gives you a clear bifurcation of how many leads from Google Ads, Facebook, third-party sites, billboards, magazines and exhibitions etc.

Kapture marketing reporting software enables you to monitor all your marketing activities on a single CRM dashboard. The insights received can be used to optimize your marketing activities in the future, ultimately improving results and generating higher ROI.

The two most important marketing reports you need to track daily include;

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Website Traffic (Daily)


Thus, when report generation is your target, think Kapture. It can help your sales team with effective report management in a seamless manner.

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