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What is customer Service experience and how can you quantify it?

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The term ‘customer Service experience’ is vaguely defined and freely used in different circumstances with various meanings attached to it. This word could be defined in multiple ways, each having its own turn of meaning and introspection. If you ask different departments about customer service experience, you would get disconnected answers, with each department seemingly handling a different set of customers.

In simple terms, customer service experience refers to managing customers and satisfying their requirements at respective points of contact. This can include your customer searching for your products at the aisle, getting to the product listing online portal or acquiring consequent product knowledge. This also involves first-hand lead query to detail discussion and further on to final purchase, each going through its own stages.

As customer experience is the outcome of sum total in customer interactions within your organization, you can hardly quantify it. For understanding and evaluating this value, one needs to understand multiple underlying factors beforehand.

Factors that affect customer Service experience

With every customer journey, there are multiple factors that may affect your Customer Service experience. This can include multiple factors.

Inquiry and Service Handling: –

Nothing spikes-up anger like services once promised and getting undelivered. And it takes just one bad experience to spread a horrible story of buyer’s disappointment.

Product Consistency Levels: –

Unless you are consistent with the quality of products, you cannot establish an optimal level of product quality.

After-sales Engagement and Services: –

As the experience comes accumulated over time, one needs to establish consistent strategies for your CRM. This may invoke periodic communications with your CRM software.

The increasing point of contact: –

Most of the customers may contact you over the product lifetime. Almost all the businesses dread this situation, as it doesn’t provide any value addition and cause value depreciation. Try to turn this point of contact into a welcome situation, managing multiple communications through a single interface.

Share and Manage Conversations: –

Systematically renew and improve your conversation points, elevating your customer service to higher levels. But when you are trying to pursue or follow something, having knowledge of the objective will make a difference.

How to quantify Customer Service Experience

When you are trying to connect between separate departments, it’s easier to manage individual customers.

Here, the secret lies in managing individual conversations. One can balance each inquiry, couple incoming inquiries and manage connected queries.

With this way, you can view your detached point of departure from a preferred channel of conversation. This helps you manage all conversations through a single platform.

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