Questions to ask before choosing customer support software for small business

11 Key Customer Service Automation Questions for small Businesses?

Making a choice is easy; making the right one is tricky. If it was about choosing an item from a menu at a new restaurant, you could take your own time, afford to try something new and hope that it’s as per your liking. But with major decisions pertaining to your business, you don’t really have that leverage to make assumptions. Unlike food which can be flushed out early morning, you have to live with these vital business decisions for a long time. When businesses are getting more and more customer-centric, investing in the best-fit CRM software for customer support is crucial. And when you have thousands of options to choose from, life can be a nightmare. Here’s a list of questions you can ask your vendors and CRM solution providers to make sure that you’re not taking the wrong decision.

These are the eleven customer services Automation questions concerning small businesses.

1. Can it resolve customer queries quickly?


A powerful query resolution manager and an intelligent task management tool are the most essential features that you should look for in a CRM software for customer service. Keeping your customers happy is all about staying connected with them and resolving their complaints as soon as possible.

2. Can you manage queries coming from multiple sources on a single platform?


Today a customer has multiple touch points to reach you like call centers, emails, mobile applications, web portals, feedback forms, website etc. The CRM software that you pick should be adept to handle all of them on a single platform so that query allocation and processes become smoother.

3. How easy is it to set access control?


When all your information is hosted on the cloud-server you have to ensure that you are giving the right kind of access to the right teams. Also, certain functions like generating reports and allocating tasks should be active only for teams and management who would ideally need them. Always look for a modular architecture which allows you to pick and choose features that you would need.

4. Is the platform scalable and flexible?

How easy -set access-control

Another important aspect which you should never neglect! There are several CRM software for customer service which will offer you a set dashboard which is very inflexible. Every business has its own requirements. Always ask for a free demo and see if it can customize based on your model. Also, think long term. Will the platform be capable enough to handle the load when your customer base keeps increasing at a quick rate?

5. Is the platform mobile-friendly?


Today, almost all your customers are always on the mobile and on the go. Your customer service platform should also have a mobile version or a mobile app form customer service using which you can enhance customer experience to the next level.

6. Does it give your customers personal accounts?

Create-customers-personal -accounts

Adding a personal touch to businesses has been a popular trend. Ask your vendor if the CRM solution created by he/ she are able to keep up with this trend. Opt for a solution which gives each and every customer of yours a separate personal account through which they can access information about their latest conversations with you or the status of their queries.

7. Can the platform integrate with multiple systems?

Many times, software is developed with a very rigid framework due to which it is incompatible with certain systems. Every company today has to deal with internal proprietary software, ORACLE, SAP, third-party portals and more. Get a technical analysis done to understand if the CRM you are opting for is flexible enough to integrate with different technologies and systems.

8. Is the interface user-friendly?

Is the interface user-friendly
Take into consideration your entire customer base, how they behave, how they talk, what they like, what they don’t etc. It’s always better to keep the interface user-friendly so that nobody finds it difficult to use the platform. The moment they feel that the software that you are offering to make their life easy gives them a headache instead, they are going to be even madder at you.

9. Can it generate insightful analytics?

Can it generate insightful analytics
A CRM platform for customer service which simply automates processes is of no good use. It must be ideally capable of generating reports and analytics which help you understand buying patterns and measure customer satisfaction index.

10. How good are the training and support provided?


Many CRM solution providers almost end their relationship with you the moment a deal is closed. Do a background check to see if your vendor offers continual customer support and proper training so that you won’t have to deal with some undesirable situations which you are unable to handle on your own.

11. Does it enhance or add value to your customer experience and Business?


A CRM software that enhances customer experience will fetch you brownie points in this cut-throat market competition. Those you come back to your brand or services are the ones who are happy with the kind of experience they had when they were dealing or interacting with your company. The CRM platform that you opt for must play the part of making this happen.

Last but not least, ask yourself if the solution that you are going to choose, is really going to add value to your business overall. Think over if it has everything to keep your customers super-happy.

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