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Top Ten Sales Rep Mistakes That Your Sales Manager Cannot Forgive

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All sales managers, ever to have walked through the trenches of meeting sales quota are aware of the challenges of landing a deal closure. Resultantly, they are also empathetic and understanding of the challenges of their fellow sales professionals. But there are certain circumstances, under which the sales managers could lose their coolness and deliver a violent lash-out.

While you may advise behind the back to practice Vipassana, certain blowouts are completely warranted; sometimes even required. Sometimes certain low hanging fruits are splashed on the ground or generously get awarded to competitors. In this situation, it’s the sales manager’s responsibility to identify those mistakes and ensure that they are never to be repeated by anyone else.

You can learn to avert these catastrophic mistakes once you become aware of them beforehand. Especially, when these mistakes could be learned based on other misdoings.


Being aware of these mistakes could act as a preliminary guarantee against committing them. So, let’s discuss the top ten mistakes that your sales manager cannot be expected to forget and forgive.

Getting caught in a price-cutting war with competition

Role of the sales professional is not just to explain the product, but to actually add value to the exchange with a prospect. Trying to undercut the competition with discount affects the margins and degrades the value of the brand. Having an agreeable price also enables the enterprise to provide the uniformly high quality of service.

Not having a definite call schedule

Whether you are a B2B or B2C Enterprise, having a definite call schedule for prospect follow-up increases your response rates. CRM prospect management lets you have a single dashboard for storing and managing all your calling schedules. This also leads you to simulate better call scheduling across businesses.

Having a communication gap with manager

Most successful sales managers carry a direct and easily communicable relationship with their sales executives. Being knowledgeable about the current operations and deals were undertaken also immensely benefits you while taking better decisions. This also provides an opportunity to transfer knowledge to the concerned departments.

Following the same prospect for six months

Usually, the sale is a time-consuming affair. A sales executive’s ability to manage and coordinate with different prospects is certainly a limiting factor. When your sales executive has followed the same prospect for six months without result, it’s unlikely to suddenly turn prosperous. Moreover, it encroaches on the time resources that could have been better allocated to other promising leads. A sales rep can follow a timetable where the number of fruitless meetings get reported and consequently getting the prospect dropped.

Not understanding the prospect’s requirement

One of the main skills of a sales representative is to tailor the particular product/service as per the prospect’s requirement. If your sales rep doesn’t understand your prospect’s requirement, it’s unlikely that it could lead to a committed sales pitch.

By understanding a variety of circumstances, it could be applied to acquire maximum conversion.

Not Keeping track of prospects

According to statistics, only 2% of the sales leads get closed within the first two meetings. All the rest goes through a lengthy negotiation before getting converted into customers. In the light of this, all prospects should be kept track of and dutifully contacted at a definite point of time. It can increase the conversion with a limited set of prospects.

Missing the Opportunity for Up-selling or cross-selling

In the way of modern businesses, all clients start with a small purchase. Afterwards, the company tries to upsell to a premium product based on the availed quality. In this situation, a sales representative should be able to keep track of all customers and take the right approach to acquire them.

Not Responding to Allocated Leads

All leads are precious. According to, the ability to respond to your leads within five minutes can lead to an increase in the conversion ratio of up to 100 times more. For this, you need to follow a definite time schedule that helps you to respond to those leads.

Be Easily Accessible throughout the day

When you are having frequent dropped calls or using multiple communication mediums, it could easily result in miscommunication creeping between team hierarchies. It’s also an immediate sign that you need to work on making your team better connected and accessible. By adopting a Mobile CRM, you could send and receive messages through a single interface. This also ensures that your messages get stored on a cloud interface, avoiding potential problems of missed messages.

Covering up Unsavory Details from sales manager

It’s basic human nature to cover-up unsavoury details. Even if a sales rep tries to cover-up mistakes, it’s very likely that a more experienced sales manager will be able to find and single them out. This can lead to mistrust or employee getting discharged from duties. As an alternate system, all the related information could be stored on a commonly accessible cloud platform.


With increasing responsibility and decreasing margin of error, a mistake by sales rep may be costly to the company in immediate and future circumstances. Sales CRM Software also enables organizations to easily organize daily activities and communication within their teams. It also provides an automated checklist to prevent a larger chunk of these errors from taking place.

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