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Top 4 Sales Automation Solutions that Reduce Manual Data Entry by 50%

40 percent of salespeople store customer data manually by updating spreadsheets according to research by a nutshell.

What a day in the life of an unproductive sales strategy looks like?

Hot leads, enter a salesman’s funnel on Day 1.
He downloads a spreadsheet – gets to calling or emailing his leads and every call he makes he enters notes on lead scores, deal stages and follow up notes into an excel sheet.

The salesman is ready for a new day. He warms up his laptop, navigates to the file explorer folder- hits documents, and is ready to click his **updated spreadsheet**.

Wait for what?
Where is it…omg he forgot to save it?

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Back to Square 1
What a day looks like in the life of a productive data entry strategy?

Enter, the sales CRM.

Same flow

DAY 1:
Leads enter the Sales Management CRM. Salesman just opens up the software, calls his prospects, tags the lead and moves on.

DAY 2:
He opens the CRM once again, and fingers crossed, all his prayers are answered. His data on lead scores are still there.

The Secret 4 Sales CRM Tools That Make Data Entry Obsolete Are Listed Below;

1. Omni-channel Lead Inbox

Since the sales can be integrated into online channels, like website forms, chatbots and social media leads.
This eliminates the need to toggle through multiple channels to pull out leads, the Omnichannel lead inbox collects leads and auto assigns it to team members online.

2. Customer 360-degree tab

Once a lead is generated – a customer profile is auto-created with all the leads contact information. This tab is like a snapshot of all your interactions with a prospect. You can tag leads as Hot, warm or cold, Manage deal stages, access ticket history and also look at pending payments from a customer.

2. Lead Scoring Tools

This module within the customer 360-degree tab is a salesman’s dream come true. Once he has completed his first conversation with a prospect, he can simply tag this lead as hot, warm or cold. Once he does this the Sales CRM software auto process this data and creates a sales funnel report of prospects who need to be prioritized.

3. Lead Management Tools

Easily update deal stages after each interaction. Set up follow up notifications. that ensure you are notified on upcoming meetings. You can reallocate leads to different team members and add notes on your conversation with your lead here.

4. Performance Analysis Reports

Crunching numbers to get a clearer vision of your targets is can be cumbersome. The sales reporting feature of the CRM takes data fed into the software through leads, generated, lead sources and individual performances and crunches into 500= reports on your key Sales KPI’S.

Reports include;

  • Sales forecasts
  • Individual Sales Performances
  • Territory Sales Performances
  • Product and Package Performances
  • Omnichannel Communication Reports and much more.

Your Action Plan to automate sales by eliminating manual data entry by 50%.

The 140 character version?

Get a Sales CRM.

The 500-word blog version;

  • You need to evaluate vendors with the above five tools.
  • You need to sign up for a free trial of Kapture Sales Cloud
  • You need to use the Omnichannel inbox and lead management tools, to get a first-hand experience of sales automation,

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