13 Powerful Phrases You Need to Use for Great Customer Support

great customer support

Behind every successful business lies a wonderful customer support team. Yes, I know that a flourishing company does not merely depend on amazing customer support service but it is one of the key factors to retain and grow your audience. You will understand this better if you put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Let’s say you are calling to enquire about something or to fix some unsolvable issue that you are facing regarding some service that you have availed from the company. Would you like to talk to someone who has a sunny disposition as he tries his best to clear your doubts or a person who sounds more robotic than an alien?

If your answer to the above question is the first option, you will understand the main building block to exceptional customer service – treating a customer with understanding and empathy. Customers are very similar to most girls in relationships – you have to watch what and how you say things to them or you will be left mourning after a distasteful breakup. Here are thirteen phrases that will guarantee a smile on the customer’s face.

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phrases for customer service

They say, the first impression is the last impression – the same goes for correspondence with your customer. When you are asking how you can help, you are showing an eagerness to aid the customer which is greatly appreciated, especially at a time when they need something extra.

P.S. This welcome message, if said in a tired or bored or zombie-like tone, does not have the same effect as compared to when you say it in an amicable manner.

phrases for customer support

This greeting is mostly for the emails or chats enquiries that you receive over the internet. People contact customer service because of the touch of human dialogue in all their interactions so if you don’t give them that, why would they be bothered to come back to you?

best phrases for customer support

This question reaffirms the fact that you are thinking only about the customer. The concern for their comfort is clearly visible through this one query which strikes a chord with the customer. This question has an everlasting effect that could get you some loyal and satisfied consumers.

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As an employee, it is sometimes not possible for you to know about certain aspects of your company. Therefore, naturally when your customer questions you about them, your normal answer would be “I don’t know.” If you do not know whether a practice is prevalent in your company, you can respond with this sentence which doubles up as a positive, helpful comment along with conveying your lack of knowledge about the matter.

powerful phrases for customer service

The worst are the situations where you have no choice but to say no. How can that “no” possibly be turned to a sentence that won’t sound so brutally negative? This one statement imparts the message that you would be happy to come up with a solution but there are no company resources or policies to support it.

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This one small word can make a world of difference in a dialogue between you and your customer. Being a “yes”-oriented person communicates a level of confidence which, in turn, makes the person on the other end feel more comfortable to share their problems and return satisfied.

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Empathy is a good weapon in your arsenal when you are dealing with an upset customer. Fill in the blanks carefully, judging from the way the customer speaks to you. This sentence, however, is a good way to connect with and calm down your customer.

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Imagine this – you have a list of questions to ask but after answering the first question, the customer care executive says “thank you” and hangs up. That will never make your customer come back. However, with the above question, you are showing that you are there for your customer for as long as they are satisfied.

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This one is for those customers who give an in-depth description of bugs or explicit feedback. Those who take time to help you out are the most valuable to an organization. Let them know that you appreciate their candid nature with this single sentence.

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These two phrases above are alternatives to “thank you.” Whenever you use such positive and cheerful turns of phrases, you can be absolutely sure that your customer will be smiling when the call or chat gets over.

positive phrases for customer service

This phrase has only two words but it has an impact that flowery words of appreciation do not have. A simple “thank you” in the end closes the conversation in a friendly and pleasant manner.

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We all love being appreciated. Deliver the above phrase to the customer in a sincere tone so that they keep coming back to you. However, be careful that you do not say this to a customer who has been rude and uncooperative. Chances are that they will take it the wrong way, making you lose a valuable customer.

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After you have availed the customer service and have had a pleasant experience, you would want to come back. Problems could arise at any time and the customer service software could be needed. Cement this belief in your customers that you have their back whenever they run into trouble.

However, there is no fixed rule as to which phrases the best suit the dialogue you and your customer are exchanging. You would benefit more if you take this article as only a guidebook and not a rulebook. All you can do is understand and empathize with the customer, make things easier for them so that their loyalty remains intact.

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