Six Emphatic ways to increase your Lead Prospecting Empathy

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It’s a basic human experience get stuck in repeat-mode if you are doing the same things again and again. Gradually, the repetitive process will become second nature and you will begin carrying it out in a robotic manner.

This means that your daily work will start requiring less deliberate thinking. Consequently your interactions will carry lesser empathy and understanding of your customers.

This stands particularly true with the ultra-competitive lead prospecting process.

A more empathetic and understanding approach to lead prospecting will enable you to generate more feasible solutions. It will also help you spark higher levels of customer interest and better chances of earning a purchase.

Empathetic lead prospecting isn’t just limited to customer negotiations or sales closures. It will help you through the progressive steps of lead reception to final conversion activities.

This could mean that your prospects ( i.e. future customers ) get to judge your business based on lead prospecting. This will make it very important to gain understanding and provide incremental value to every interaction with your future customer.

Without further adieu, here are the six points that will infuse empathy into your prospecting process.

Infuse Greater IQ into your selling Activities

Although we are talking about emotional intelligence, ingraining IQ into the process of understanding customer problems goes a long-way into obtaining feasible resolutions. You will also be able to hold more productive conversations.

In a recent research, the most cited reason for the lack of common business-customer relationship management was the lack of understanding regarding their customer issue.

In this sense, sales people who don’t have adequate knowledge about the customer’s product or service present an immediate red-flag in prospect interactions.

Meanwhile, having better customer intelligence enables you to supply meaningful suggestions to improve your business.

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Enable your prospecting team and customer-facing fronts

It’s common practice to have a pre-sales or prospecting team who is responsible for collecting and managing customer inquiries.

You could infuse empathy into your prospecting by having a prospecting mechanism to handle incoming queries.

This allows you to understand the specific nature of customer inquiries and get the requisite knowledge from the right segments. It allows you to further supplement them with adequate customer information. This process allows you to build a prospecting database that will help you identify and address the main customer problems.

By having to collect a steady database of customer intelligence, you can go on to build a prospecting intelligence. This will enable the prospecting team to glean more productive insights.

This process is known as lead nourishing within your sales process.

With this greater goal in mind, the goal of the prospecting team would be to collect maximum customer knowledge management software for future processes.

Streamline prospects through a Determinable Sales pipeline

The simple market paradigm dictates that some prospects need to have a considerable wait time before achieving final closure. At the same time, some prospects would be looking towards an immediate purchase.

Essentially, business should have the ability to kick back or employ their closure teams in each individual case. This requires the business to recognize the actual intentions of each concerned prospect.

An integrated sales pipeline lets you accurately interpret your actual customer intentions.

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This allows you to make productive decisions to handle each potential prospect interaction.

This also helps you develop a sustainable sales process that delivers a greater revenue turn over.

Most of the times, these leads are not embedded to make a definite mark in your prospecting.

Give more Wriggle room for Negotiations

Let’s face it.

Most sales deals fall flat because of wrong negotiation tactics have been employed.

At present, most businesses get forced to make large scale investments in marketing. This involves frequent re-marketing messages and endless telephonic inquiries.

All in the hope of grasping customer attention through more lucrative marketing messages and bigger marketing budgets.

An empathy-oriented prospecting process enables businesses to limit their marketing expenditure while motivating prospects to close more generous deals.

In the end, it allows you to start you business-customer relations on a good footing.

Create Better Customer Interaction flows

If you check any customer forums, a frequently raised complaint is the apparent disconnect between customers and the business.

It’s usual to see business failing to give a knowledgeable reply to their respective queries and questions. This point to the lack of an effective system that can give satisfying answers to customer queries rather than presenting cut-and-dried default answers.

Foster and Nourish Digital empathy

The concept of digital empathy is not exclusively limited to direct face-to-face customer relationships.

Social media interactions also play a large influence in the molding of your purchase cycle. An increase in social media traction is also directly co-related to an increasing number of store visits and business revenue.

It’s also the easiest way to increase visibility among the target audience.

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Social media CRM interactions are run on conversational empathy and speed.

Business customer interactions are visible, and thus, social media pages are also public forums for business evaluation.

Take away:-

In the modern lead prospecting processes, business empathy is a critical and underrated asset.

Today, customer attention has become a much-diluted commodity. You need adequate levels of empathy to understand and satisfy your customer requirement.

At the same time, delivering empathy in prospect interactions is a high-investment activity that requires both time and energy.

A comprehensive customer prospecting system will help you efficiently and productively manage your incoming prospects. It will also help you make additional inroads into your business prospecting landscaping.

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