Increase Team productivity

How to increase your Team productivity with CRM software?

Increase Team productivity

Often, any effort to increase the team productivity is met with dubious consent.

Having to monitor and increase productivity is much-dreaded activity on both sides of the table. Both the employees and management have grown to think that it may undermine their working relationship.

The management’s take is that a stringent monitoring process could cause a potential leak of employee trust. From the employee perspective, it’s trying to force ‘management policing’ into their daily life.

Even as both these sides may carry their own justification and arguments, the facts and figures inarguably point towards the need for an integrated monitoring system. This helps you cover the productivity loopholes and enable your employees to win-over their impulses.

In this situation, both parties require a minimally intrusive system that can understand and evaluate all the ongoing activities. It also helps you understand the ingrained customer issues.

The CRM-based work monitoring system lets you evaluate and monitor all the ingrained work processes. As an embed information management platform, it also empowers your team to share data concerning your multiple ongoing processes.

This blog helps you understand the associated challenges with regards to improving the overall teamwork output. We will also discuss potential ways to streamline your efforts in a highly productive way.

Enable Remote Monitoring with Enterprise Mobility

In the recent years, remote work has become a much-admired buzzword. Even the global corporations such as Philips and Amazon are now allowing their employees to work remotely.

This presents a number of actual problems such as duration of actual work hours, availability during the work hours, maintenance of quality assurance etc.

In this situation, you can connect your entire team using integrated enterprise mobility. This allows you to send, receive and track tasks on a single dashboard.

It also provides a ticket management dashboard that requires the employees to continuously monitor and record their presence.

Establish and monitor the right Productivity Metrics

All successful managers know that the secret of improving productivity is to monitor the right metrics. Unfortunately, most organizations are measuring the wrong metrics.

Like say, hours spent in office, number of entries created or follow-up to wrong leads etc. This will potentially lead to an increased confusion in all future activities.

These metrics may not necessarily reflect the actual organizational or individual performances. It’s also possible that an employee may try to hack activities to present an inflated metrics. But this will not improve their actual productivity.

The CRM platform can be an effective form to evaluate your total employee productivity. It also helps you comprehensively evaluate and monitor every employee action.

For example, the number of calls attended could be a very misleading metric to a service team. Instead you can focus on measuring and following better metrics that will reflect your actual organizational performances.

Keep Sales Team accountable through Multiple Metrics

If you keep aside few new-age digital companies, the sales teams are still the focus of attention in most organizations. Most sales teams are overworked and are kept under constant stress.

While the deal closures may be the ultimate success metric, you cannot directly understand and improve your sales outcome with the CRM software. You actually need more effective pre-sales metric that will enable you to form more deliberate insights.

You can record and evaluate ingrained performance metrics such as time of each visit, number of visits, requisite wait time or idle time for each employee etc.

Achieve Organizational workflow improvements

Almost all business reaches a point where their productivity has got plateaued for months. In this situation, having to push your employees may simply lead to employee burnout and attrition.

In this situation, you may need to go beyond employee output and look at organizational changes that can actually cascade your productivity multiple times.

Let me deliberate this phenomenon.

A simplified workflow improvement process is given below.

Team productivity with CRM

It involves viewing the ongoing process, gaining insights, planning, and carrying out the execution and evaluating the output.

An integrated CRM Software System lets you create and follow a completed workflow. This allows you to create iterations and modifications that will consequently improve your workflow.

Create Team-wide Performance Metrics

An automated CRM platform lets you create an unbiased performance evaluation for your entire team. This will enable managers to overcome their personal biases and prejudices. It will also act to remove insignificant metrics from the performance evaluation reports.

Needless to say, this will lead to overall performance improvements across your multiple teams.


Every organization will eventually face a situation where their productivity takes nose-dive or revenue growth gets plateaued even under renewed efforts.

Unless handled with care, this would develop into a toxic misunderstanding between employees and management.

This requires you to have a system that could empower and improve your total employee productivity.

Kapture CRM helps businesses to pole vault their businesses to higher productivity.

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