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Humans with the most advanced brains on the planet are apparently the ones who use it least. A study says that even the greatest of the scientists have used barely 7 or 8% of the brain’s capacity. Well, then I have probably not even reached 2% in that case.

However, if so less use of the brain has created such wonderful technologies that I can sit in a corner here and from another corner of the world you can read what I type, then I feel it’s totally okay to use the brain that much as there are many stockist software available. Now it’s very simply put that technologies already exist, you want something else, demand for it, you’ll get that too.

Kapture CRM for Stockist Software

There could be endless excuses for mismanagement of inventories if it were to be managed by any individual; because end of the day, we use only 5% of our brains. But yes, it nowhere means you fuel the loss of stocks. Keep calm and use Kapture which provide you stockist software. Use your mobile phone to keep a track of your stocks and you can probably stop crushing those candies when you have something more fruitful.

It is a must to maintain proper records of stocks irrespective of the sector your business deals with. Managing medicinal requirements in pharmaceuticals, keeping a track of available flats and property in real estate, a check on the inventory of furniture, clothes or any fmcg helps any business or service use their resources to the fullest and reduce wastage or losses incurred due to similar such reasons. Stockist software is like a savior to businesses small or big, because though ‘risk’ is everything in a business, it doesn’t extend to this extent.

Along with keeping a tab on stocks, it is equally important to manage the men out there. Yes, we’re talking about tracking field staff. You can track over the GPS the whereabouts of your team according to the jobs assigned to them. Moreover, even the team gets an added advantage of locating stores and offices on their routes to reduce the time wasted and increased efficiency in time management. They can as well show precise distance traveled and get royally reimbursed. This also helps them record the number of visits to particular outlets that helps making better strategies for targeting leads easier.

Boost your business with customer management software that not just helps with CRM and ERP but also equips your team with technology that is easy to adapt and more than helpful for them to optimize resources. Kapture it.

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