Lead Management System

How an Online Lead Management System Can Help You Drive More Sales

Lead Management System

For every dollar made acquiring a customer on the internet, you must spend an equivalent or a greater amount.

Sales funnels increase organizations ability to build enough credibility in the eyes of the prospects to allow him small bites of faith through;

1. An email exchanged for more information
2. A Free trial
3. Or a Low Priced offers to lead to qualified prospects for the core offer.

How to Manage Leads with a Lead Management System?

The key to seeing sales move upward is to first focus on creating a qualified lead pool.

An online lead management software helps you manage, track and prioritize leads through a single software.

Let’s think of salesman Bob as an example, here’s how Bob would work on increasing his sales with a Sales lead management CRM software;

1. Bob would hook all his website forms and other online ad platforms into the CRM.

Bob would use an Omnichannel inbox. This inbox collects leads from multiple channels and auto assigns it to your sales team. The benefit of this box is it’s the only place a sales team’s attention should be focused on to contact fresh leads.

2. Bob would make the first contact with a lead and use lead scoring tools to tag this lead.

Bob would use a feature of the lead tracking software called a lead scoring tool. This tool lets you tag leads as Hot, warm or cold, so you can prioritize your sales messages to hotter prospects.

3. Bob would then set a follow-up notification date.

The Sales lead management software and tool lets you set up priority follow-ups with important leads. This notification then pings you a few hours before your call.

4. Bob would then generate reports on his sales funnel to see how close he is to his target.

The lead management system collects data about leads in different parts of your funnel and then turns it into a graphical report. This report shows the percentage of your conversions along with each phase of your sales funnel.

How Would Bob’s Sales Now Increase

Bob has implemented three key strategies to ensure that the online lead management CRM software picks up the momentum of his targets.

1. He used the lead scoring tools to quickly weed out cold prospects.
2. He then used the lead management software and tool, to consistently follow up with hot prospects.
3. He then evaluated his sales so far using the sales report

Using these three strategies, Bob would be able to achieve his targets as he tweaks his process each time he fails to hit his goal.

Without a lead management system, Bob would have to use different software’ to get all this data.

But with this system, Bob was able to quickly glance over the most important KPI’S to his revenue goal.

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