advantages of mobile crm

Mobile CRM: The New Game In Town

advantages of mobile crmIn the past several decades, if there is one phenomenon which can be described as a true game-changer which has revolutionized the lifestyle of people, it is undoubtedly the advent of mobile technology in the form of smartphones. Smartphones have changed the way people are using technology and accessing the internet. Therefore, having a responsive, reliable and an eye-catching mobile presence capable of engaging with their clients and delivering the right kind of solutions and services has become a sine qua non for every organization worth its salt. This is true in case of CRM platforms too, with people and businesses alike increasingly demanding and accessing services on the go. The need of the hour is seamless access, syncing and connectivity across multiple devices and platforms. It is here that having an excellent mobile CRM solution can be the difference between having a flourishing business and getting spaced out of the market.

In the present setting of increasing reliance on digital channels, there is a tectonic shift towards using mobile devices from desktop PCs for accessing the internet and there has been an exponential growth in mobile traffic worldwide. A good mobile CRM is vital for various functions such as sales, marketing, customer support and data analysis, all of which are aimed at customer acquisition and retention and in the process, posting impressive year-on-year growth. It allows the sales team to focus more on tasks related to sales such as planning, calling clients, updating information related to leads and opportunities and access dashboards on the move. Case in point: Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) introduced mobile CRM technology and saw a significant reduction in the time taken to onboard new clients.

There is tremendous potential for the growth of mobile CRM in India. Crucial decisions can be taken on the move and thus helping firms become more responsive to changing trends and customer needs. CRM systems must be able to integrate with various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter so that customers can interact with a firm at a time and platform of their choice directly with the person in charge. It also enables the firm to respond using the same platform on any device and thus makes it easier to track many issues simultaneously. Social network channels are a great way to get a pulse of consumer wants and mindset through social media campaigns and tracking the latest trends. Moreover, having a sound CRM system helps in targeting a firm’s key demographic that are hooked to tablets and smartphones. A mobile-centric approach allows more work to be done on the cloud, cutting down on costs related to maintenance and up-gradation of technological components.

With the usage of cloud computing and storage comes the challenge of handling vast amounts of information. Enter Big Data techniques, using which it is possible to process and analyse massive quantities of data and help in generating revenue for the firm. Combined with lesser costs by the way of mobile marketing, it results in a better Return on Investment (RoI).

Thanks to the recent advancements in the field of communication and technology, the world is truly one market on the digital platform.  Mobile technology is penetrating deeper and deeper into all the corners of the world, as evidenced by the ever-rising sales of mobile devices which show no signs of letting down. It is therefore clear that mobile technology will be the nucleus of the marketing scenarios of the future. This presents the firms and their brands with an opportunity to reach out to their customers and stakeholders in a highly personalized and targeted manner. The two pillars of CRM: Sales and Marketing, will continue to see a sustained growth which in turn results in the continuous growth of mobile CRM itself.

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