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Life of a salesman – issues and challenges of an ordinary sales executive

Issues and challenges of an ordinary sales executive

The ordinary sales executive plays an important role in an organisation to push the sales graph ahead. Here is an overview of the challenges and issues faced by the sales guy and the possible solutions for them.

The struggle against time

Time is the most precious commodity for a sales executive. The amount of unnecessary time a sales executive actually spends in selling can help in identifying any issue that is hampering his sales performance. Trying to eliminate the sales roadblocks will do the trick! Many executives today struggle to locate the relevant information as the data is ill-organised and scattered. It is estimated that an average salesperson spends more than 6 hours per week just searching for information.

If content retrieval issues are holding the sales team back, consider introducing sales enablement software that eliminates such inefficiencies and improves the sales performance. Organizations that use CRM have an edge over the others as this cloud-based software makes data flexible and easily available.

Well-defined sales process to boost performance

As the organisation grows, it needs a well-defined and well-understood sales process. The sales guy is expected to channel his own talent to produce the biggest and quickest wins. But, he normally does not develop and pursue an organised plan for pushing a prospective client forward in the pipeline. Instead, he relies heavily on his instincts. This increases the likelihood that key stages in the sales process could be overlooked, leading to resistance, objections and inevitably lost sales. When their efforts don’t pay off, even the most capable sales executives tend to get discouraged and end up spending longer hours, working less efficiently and struggling to meet the sales target. The reason for failure may differ, but the net result is always wasted time, which fails to produce high quality sales and consequently increases the cost of sales.

Planning for a cloud-based CRM with a sales software to organised the sales process is the solution. It tracks the lead flow to obtain clear insights into customer behavior and preferences, and helps in optimizing the sales cycle for better conversions. Having an in-depth knowledge about the client requirements equips the executive in creating custom packages for each client base. Using such a software platform that articulates and understands the sales process with precision can work wonders for a sales executive.

Marketing content and its importance

Almost 90% of the marketing content goes unused by the sales team. At the same time, investment in content marketing continues to rise. This kind of inefficiency has had a major impact on the performance of a sales representative.

To implement the next generation sales, a content management software is one way to boost the performance levels of both sales and marketing. Prioritize software that not only closes the sales marketing loop but also aids in measuring marketing collateral usage. It is beneficial to introduce systems and processes that allow marketing leaders to push relevant content directly to sales executives.

Fine-tuning the closing ability

Closing ability is quite a large part of sales performance. Some executives are great at networking and pushing a deal through the pipeline but consistently fail when it comes to closing, which affects their overall performance.
Keeping track of the opportunity win rate provides some insight into the ability of the executive to close a deal. CRM helps in keeping tabs on this and work with the executives who consistently post low opportunity rates. Sometimes sitting in with them on a call, or providing coaching can make all the difference.

Leads to deals without misses

Most of the time, the sales guy finds out that the deal was not worth pursuing only after spending a considerable time on it. Sometimes he is busy with a less important deal and misses a huge opportunity.
Most companies rely on cloud-based sales lead management tool for lead generation, classification and allocation. This leaves no room for any confusion and the allocation will be based on priority, which will eliminate any chance of missing a deal.

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