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Cloud based CRM becoming a core aspect of any business; it is also very important how well it is adapted and maintained. Not very many platforms that claim to serve customer relationship management are actually good enough for the same. Managing customer details, their specifics, keeping in mind market trends, understanding consumer behavior, developing databases, regulating working environments, designing the hierarchy structures, etc. are all inter-connected and go hand in hand with good marketing and strong sales teams to run any business. A cloud based crm software that joins all these dots to make a beautiful success story of any business is in a single word, termed as Kapture.

Cloud Based CRM software

It is a complete Mobile-First technology, and not just mobile-compatible. Complications are restricted only to the developers and hence it’s simplified for the user in such a manner that managing businesses of any scale was never a tastier piece of cake. It takes one beyond the advancements of technology and leaves all the control on nothing but one mobile phone. Sounds common to any other cloud based CRM software, but what makes this different is its integration and adaptation to the basic functions of the phone. It overlaps the call facility with a global contact directory. Helps the user with an overview of all their details including their name and company name, type of inquiry, amount of interest shown by them in what you offer, their responses to previous communications, etc. exactly when one is about to answer their call. Automatically prepares the salesman for the conversation and leaves an impressive impact on the prospect.

The calendar with both monthly and daily view comes along with a Tasks option that sets a to-do for you. Not only this, but you can also assign and allocate tasks to any team member across the team. Get in touch with them exactly like any other chat apps and send messages to one or all. Also procure alerts and stay ahead with time. Never miss a single opportunity and maintain regular follow-ups as per the commitments with this cloud based ERP. The design and interface is so bright and lively that it surpasses the old school typical business platforms.

Kapture is different because it not only helps you manage your business but a number of other aspects that connect to your business. One can keep a track of all outdoor and media campaigns on this same platform. Simply click and upload pictures from your mobile phone. May it be banners, posters, hoardings, standees, POPs or any other outdoor media. Know how your spends exactly look like when put up on the field.

Keeping all of this on one side, the other one on the part of a host desktop is nowhere less than the former. A complete management control in your hands that lets you design the course of your business your way. A cloud based ERP that doesn’t restrict you to its functionalities but molds itself to suit your desideratum.

Careful analysis of the business with sales reports and performance graphs is flavored with detailed cutting edge analytics that help convert statistics into morals of business stories. One can check on an individual basis, the number of leads collected, follow ups offered and the rate of conversion for each of the sales team members. This leaves one to a conclusion, that who gets more leads, and who is better at converting them into business that earns. With Kapture, go beyond the traditional systems and age old technologies; stay ahead of your competition and outsmart the outdated – the best ever mobile based CRM software.

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