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How Kapture enables you to transform your contacts into customers

Contact management software

All sales people carry the finger-twitch to always scroll and fidget on their smart phones, looking for any possibly overlooked customer contacts. Often, most of these contact lists have already been exhausted and doesn’t provide any future prospects.

Moreover, this doesn’t cut as a definite strategy for converting idle prospects into customers. For this, you need a more conclusive and productive procedure that helps you to zero-in and raise interest among right kind of prospects.

Kapture CRM Enters the Picture

Kapture CRM contact management lets you assimilate and combine customer contacts from diverse mediums and channels, including incoming calls.

This allows you to assimilate and manage contacts in a single dashboard, which could be managed and retrieved through a unified cloud server. This means that all contacts collected from various sources get displayed on a single dashboard.

Fast-forward, this allows you to access and use any customer contacts from a single dashboard. This delivers better business intelligence and creates actionable insights.

Collect and Manage Long Contacts lists

It’s inevitable that businesses collecting and combining all prospect contacts would end up with an ultra long list of customer contacts. As it is, this cannot be directly processed or utilized.

Kapture CRM enables you segment and categorize long customer list into directly retrievable customer segments.

You can segment prospects based on their budgets or location or you could use any of the other custom parameters.

For example, consider the image below. This has prospects segregated based on specific industries.

Contact automation software

In this circumstance, customers could be stuck in processing the latest or least feasible customer contacts. This enables you to systematize customer contacts into a separate list of prospects.

Maximize Lead Opportunity

Lead management

By utilizing right filters and segmentation parameters, businesses can separate collective customer contacts into a number of sections. This could be based on a number of feasible parameters. This also allows you to collect and manage contacts based on their corresponding interests.

Kapture CRM enables you to separate long list of prospects into hot, warm and cold. In most circumstances, sales people could be stuck in processing latest or least feasible customer contacts.

With lead funnel enabled, your customer service team could start handling leads and assign status as cold or warm or hot leads. Later these leads could be viewed or handed-over to sales team.

With this process, your sales team could now exclusively focus on warm and hot leads, which are more likely to convert. This ensures that your sales expertise gets focused on high value prospects.

This process helps you maximize your lead opportunity.

Define lead nourishment strategy

All businesses need to identify and recognize that prospects come with different levels of interest. This could be separated along a funnel, with nominally interested prospects entering at the top to get converted into customers at bottom stage.

This process of converting prospect into customers is lead nourishment strategy.

In-order to realize this, you need to understand the exact requirements of customers at each cross-section. You also need to understand requirements of multiple customer sections or audience groupings.

For example, you could be running an E-mail marketing campaign. With focusing on a specific customer interest, you can increase lead response and mail open rates.

By retrieving a specific customer segment, you could identify the special interest of the corresponding customer segment.

Contact management automation

This allows you to focus on specific audience tastes, which in-turn incrementally increases your probability of conversion.

Saves Time at processing and managing Leads

In most Industry, you have an upper time-window of five minutes for processing acquired leads.

Kapture CRM Prospect management lets you minimize time expended on each lead. You can independently evaluate value of each lead and value it according to their probability of conversion.

This enables you to focus your lead processing capability on the upper 30% or 40% as per the resource availability.

Kapture CRM elevates your contact list management to next stage, capturing ideal prospects from your existing lead and customer contacts.

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