Introducing Kapture CRM’s Outage Ticketing Module


Companies dealing with large volumes of tickets can hugely benefit from Kapture CRM’S new outage ticketing module. In the rare case of a service outage, this feature will help companies avoid massive SLA escalations by creating a master ticket that collects all queries associated with the outage under one single support thread.

As soon as an outage occurs, a message is flashed across the CRM home dashboard. Administrators can then simply create a sub ticket by clicking the message which will then initiate a master ticket wherein agents can begin closing tickets from different customers related to the service outage under this unified thread.

To evaluate the root cause analysis of the breakdown along with metrics related to queries handled under the master ticket, separate reports can be generated with details related to first call resolution, average call handle times and agent productivity reports.

Kapture’s Contact center management software is used by companies that deal with multiple tickets every minute. The omnichannel ticket inbox collects queries from multiple channels including phone calls, emails, chats and socials into a unified thread. Queries coming in from the same customer from different channels appear in the same thread until the ticket is closed. The CRM can be implemented in under 60 days and can help companies increase the effectiveness of their support operations from a single software.

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