The Ultimate Guide to Reducing your Average Call Handling Time By 50%


When an aggrieved customer calls you – he wants to speak to you NOW. What’s more? He wants you to solve his problem NOWWW.

So, how do you ensure that every single customer calling you, puts down the phone with a smile – after you’ve solved his query and defused his problem?

I’m glad you asked – you see a great metric to use is “The Average Call Handling Time”.


The average call handle time is the amount of time it takes for you to solve a customer’s query or problem from start to finish.

From the time a consumer picks up a call or interacts with a chatbot or holds online while you connect him to a service agent – to the time he puts the phone down – YOU ARE ON THE CLOCK.

The faster you sort out his problem – the lower your call handling time will be and the lower your call handling time is – the happier your customers will be.

So, here are three tools that you can use to reduce your average call handle time by close to 50%;

1 – The Automated Chat Solution

There are basically two types of chatbots. A scripted Chatbot and an Intelligent Chatbot.

A scripted chatbot is basically a tool that helps you offer your consumers or potential customers specific options to solve their problems. Based on the input provided by the customer the system would pull up an article or any other resource that can immediately solve the caller’s issue.


The intelligent chatbots, on the other hand, are AI driven and hold the potential of providing a native chat experience to your customer based on the pre-written transcripts.

By using chatbots – you can gather all the required information – to direct the caller to the right agent – helping them solve your customer issues quickly & efficiently.

2 – Implement a Knowledge Management Software to Reduce Average Call Handling Time


Let’s take a scenario where you have a business which deals in digital goods. You receive a customer call asking you about what payment options are available to make the purchase.

The fastest way for your agent to solve this problem would be to access something called a Knowledge Management System.

This software basically gives your agent access to banks of articles and FAQ’S – that have been written with the intention of solving frequently asked problems.

So, if the agent were to put the customer on hold and then direct him to another caller – your average call handling time would drop significantly.

But, if you use a Knowledge Management Software – then your agent can quickly type in the keywords related to your caller’s problem – helping him by giving him a quick payment option.

3 –

Use the Power of Telephony Integration to Quickly Resolve Customer Queries


Let’s imagine you only have 20 agents in your customer service team. These agents are loaded with multiple calls an hour.

The best way for you to create an effective ecosystem of customer service would be to use a telephony integration software. This software allows your agents to receive calls or inbound calls directly from their computers.

So, let’s say these 20 agents are handling calls – and at this time there are another 20 customers waiting to get on a call with them. Telephony integration software allows you to configure your settings so that as soon as an agent finishes up on a call – he can immediately attend the next caller from a customer waiting in the queue.

This process helps your team solve issues faster and will help them dramatically reduce their average call handling time.

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