Handle Customer Complaints Via Social Media

How to Handle Customer Complaints Via Social Media?

Does your brand get a lot of queries and complaints on social media? 

Is it difficult for your agents to track and monitor all the complaints coming via different social media channels? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Customers also use social media to engage with companies, ask questions or provide critical feedback on products and services. Hence, it is critical for companies to handle social media complaints coming from different social media platforms in order to maintain contact with their customers and win their confidence.

Kapture’s One Suite with its omnichannel feature enables you to interact with social media platforms and create a unified platform that consolidates inquiries and complaints from many sources into a single location.

Age group using social media for providing feedback to brands

Graph of Age group using social Social media Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/326941/consumers-using-social-media-to-complain-about-an-organisation-in-the-united-kingdom-uk/

How to handle social media complaints?

Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20 -40% more money with those companies than other customers- Bain & Company.

Source: https://www.bain.com/insights/putting-social-media-to-work 

We all have heard the saying, “bad news travels faster”. Just like that, the negative comments left by the customers have more impact on your business than the positive ones. It is always better to have strategies to handle social media complaints in order to be the best in the game.

Handling customer complaints positively and wisely can help in retaining customers and increasing brand loyalty. While complaints are now exposed to a broader audience, sometimes drawing unfavorable attention, organizations now have more options to assist and connect with consumers, potentially turning them into champions.

Reasons customers leave and move to other brands with respect to social media responses

Reasons customers leave social media responses

Source: https://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-research/your-poor-customer-service/

The following tips can help you handle the queries and complaints you receive through social media in a better way.

1. Be fast for the “furious customers”

Customers just like to type out all their frustration and anger they have for the company on their social media handle. When a dissatisfied client complains about social media, it’s typically a sign that something went wrong in the customer service process. They did not obtain the desired reaction from the brand, and a resolution to their problem remained elusive. 

This “escalation from irritation” is the source of viral social complaints, which may be extremely detrimental to a brand’s online reputation. As a result, finding and reacting to complaints as quickly as possible on social media should be a top focus for all customer service teams.

Customers expect a quick response from the companies and so it is necessary to have tools that can help you in monitoring social media responses.

2. Reward them publicly

“Action speaks louder than words”

Show your customers that you value them, you love them by rewarding them with offers and discounts for the gap and lack in your customer support. Issue a public apology to them on social media and offer them something which makes them feel valued.

3. An offline one-on-one conversation

When a consumer decides to complain about your company on a social media site, he is at the peak of his rage. Keeping that in mind, it’s best to have the talk in a private setting, such as sending a direct message, an email, or a personalized phone call.

Taking the chat offline and one-on-one can assist to ease the situation for both you and the consumer.CRM systems have a function that allows you to trace the channel via which the consumer complained about your product or service, allowing you to reach out to the customer in a more personalized manner.

4. Personalize the experience

We’ve all encountered a website where customer service is simply an automated bot repeating the same messages over and again. We’ve all experienced how aggravating it can be, right?

When a dissatisfied consumer contacts you on a public platform, they want you to remedy the problem right away.

A bot automatic response may enrage the client, thus it is always preferable to assign an agent and gain insight into the problem they are experiencing.

Helpdesk management solutions enable your agents to access extensive and organized data about your clients’ previous interactions and transactions. This helps in providing a quicker and more personalized resolution to the customers.

5. Follow up the issue

A pleasant and positive response to the customer’s comments might be the first step in making them pleased. The second step is to follow up and determine the nature of the customer’s complaint. You must ensure that the customer’s problem is solved in the quickest way possible.

This demonstrates that the company values its clients and does not take their problems for granted.

6. Never delete the negative feedback

Deleting the negative feedback which came on a public platform can be a disaster for your brand. It will indicate that you don’t value your customers. Instead of deleting the feedback, try getting in touch with the customer and understand what went wrong and how you can improve.

This can help in building a sense of trust and belief among the customers for the brand. It also helps in retaining customers. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.

The number of active users on social media

Worldwide active users on social media

Source: https://www.elasticpath.com/blog/customer-acquisition-vs-retention-infographic

What is social media customer service?

Social media customer service refers to handling complaints and queries coming from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When brands respond and resolve the queries coming from these channels, it adds a sense of personalization in the customer service experience for the customers.

Kapture CRM deeply integrates with all these social media platforms and the traditional channels like calls, emails and messages to bring all the queries on a single platform that eventually benefits all end users.

Role of social media in customer service

Customers in the twenty-first century prefer to leave both positive and critical feedback on a brand’s social media handle rather than by email or phone contact.

Because social media is such a large public forum, a single negative review may rapidly wreck a brand’s reputation. Monitoring and addressing social media complaints demonstrates the brand’s commitment to its customers.

As a result, 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within 60 minutes.

Source: https://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-research/42-percent-of-consumers-complaining-in-social-media-expect-60-minute-response-time/ 

You can see how important it is for your brand to be able to quickly respond to your customers on social media.

Impact of Social media complaints

Social media has both accelerated and coincided with a significant shift in the way businesses and customers engage. The days of one-sided talks governed by businesses are over. Customers today expect a degree of speed, simplicity, and transparency that puts boardrooms and customer service specialists to the test like never before.

Complaints written publicly on social media by the customers have the potential to ruin the brand image of a company, if not resolved or responded to on time. Social media is an important marketing tool for today’s businesses, but it can also improve customer service.

When a brand monitors all the good and bad responses by the customers on social media and appreciates the good ones and resolves the bad ones, this creates a positive public image of the brand.

Kapture’s One Suite comes with tools to monitor queries and complaints coming from different social media platforms and brings them to a unified dashboard making it easier and simpler to resolve the issues and queries raised by customers on social media.

According to research from Convince & Convert, 42% of consumers expect a response to a complaint on social media within 60 minutes, and nearly one-third expect a response within half an hour.

Source: https://www.convinceandconvert.com/social-media-research/42-percent-of-consumers-complaining-in-social-media-expect-60-minute-response-time/ 

Ticket management software makes sure that you don’t miss any complaints or queries coming through social media platforms with the help of their omnichannel feature.

The role of CRM in handling social media complaints

There are different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that aim to connect people throughout the world. Companies are using social media platforms to engage with their customers to give them a more personalized experience. It can be hard to track complaints or appreciation coming individually from each and every social media platform.

About 67% of consumers are seeking resolutions for issues through Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

Source: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/social-media-customer-service/

CRM systems can make your agent’s life easier by integrating all the platforms into a single unified platform. This helps in keeping track of every complaint coming through any social media channel. There are several benefits of using a CRM system for monitoring your social media engagements.

1. Never miss customer’s feedback 

When you have a smart CRM system implemented in your organization, your agents will never miss any feedback coming from any social media platform. A smart CRM system ensures that all the feedback and reviews coming on your different social media platforms are brought to a single space. This makes it easier for the agents to track and handle complaints coming from multichannel social media platforms.

2. Better engagement 

Your agents can engage in a more personalized way when they can see and reply to the queries and complaints coming through social media platforms via a single platform. Kapture’s One Suite allows your agents to see the past engagements and the order history of the client which helps them to give a more personalized resolution to their customers.

3. Faster response

A delayed response might aggravate the customer’s rage. It is preferable to respond immediately or as soon as possible.

Increasing your reaction time to client complaints is one of the simplest ways to improve your CRM approach. Customers do not want to wait for a response and understand that the message they submit will almost definitely be seen by someone.

Kapture’s One Suite classifies issues based on the keyword entered by the consumer on the social media platform and assigns them to the best person available to handle them. Because of the tag, agents have a brief understanding of the issue and are able to respond and give a speedier resolution.

1 in 3 social media users would rather have social media customer care services than telephone or email- Bigcommerce

Source: https://www.bigcommerce.com/blog/social-media-customer-service/ 

Kapture makes social media monitoring easy and fun!

Kapture makes social media monitoring easy

Complaining by writing on social media platforms has become a popular habit, and most customers prefer it to contact a brand directly.

It is the brand’s responsibility to monitor all of their consumers’ social media actions and reply to them at all times.

Kapture’s one suite integrates with all your social media channels which helps you keep a track of your customer’s complaints or queries on social media.

  • Instagram- You don’t want to overlook millennial concerns since they are your future clients. Our deep integration with Instagram will allow your agents to monitor and resolve any complaint and inquiry that comes in via direct messages and the comment section. Tickets are classified based on the keywords mentioned in the complaints, making the agent’s task easier and faster.
  • Facebook- It connects the whole world, so why not you and your customers. Kapture ensures that every complaint coming on the comments and messages reaches your agent in the unified dashboard and they are able to reply or resolve them in no time.
  • Twitter- The most “trending” and “public” social media site has a significant global influence. Customers frequently use Twitter to express their dislikes and displeasure with a brand in order to get public attention and support. With the aid of our CRM system, your agent will never miss a tweet since it keeps all of your tweets in one place.
  • Youtube- Another way for your customer to contact you is through the “social” comment section on YouTube, which we have covered for you as well. Any complaint or query sent via the comment area is directed to your agents’ unified dashboard.
  • Linkedin- Wouldn’t it be nice to receive all vital comments and complaints from a professional platform in one place for your agents to handle and enhance your services. Your wish is our command, we will be implementing this functionality very soon.

So long story short, Kapture empowers you with every possible social media integration. We give your agents the power to monitor, track and resolve all the complaints and queries coming from different social media platforms to a single and unified dashboard.

Your agents can resolve multiple queries at the same time which saves their time and improves their efficiency.

Won’t you be happy to see a smile on both your agent’s and customer’s faces? 

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