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Lead Management System

Leads are often short messages.

Usually, they are just a single instance of contact, where a prospect reaches you for a quote or inquires about your service. In most situations, the lead doesn’t call back or leave behind any actionable contact information. This doesn’t allow long-form conversations that can bring about sales conversions.

Here, you can assume that your perspective lead has bounced.

For some businesses, almost upto 70% of incoming leads get bounced only after the initial contact. This is a cause of concern as these are genuine prospects looking forward to buy your product. Here, one needs to exclusively focus on ways to decrease your leads’ bounce rate.

Due to this, most businesses get overly cautious about conversing with new leads. This leads to ineffective and shallow responses that further drops the lead conversion rate.

Gaining Visibility amongst Competition

Considering internet’s easy accessibility, your prospect might be contacting over 15 service providers with the hope of landing the best deal.

With the human brain intended only to handle a limited number of things simultaneously, your detailed pitch could become confusing and conflicting. Your specific business features could be easily overlooked.

It could be solved through providing the clients with specific information – your key USP and selling price. This makes your offer more visible and makes your leads more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Providing a Call-back Hook

No matter how well your initial conversation is handled, the prospect will come back only if you provide them with a call-back hook. A call-back hook could be a special feature or package that makes your product more appealing to them.

With this in mind, you should find the right call-back hook for every customer. Having the right hook immediately raises your probability of conversion. With CRM customer management, you can store and manage specific hooks for each customer.

Managing prospects on a Lead Funnel

Even after initiating a lead message, almost 37% of the initial calls tend to end up dropped or disconnected. Rather than taking lack of response as a negative interest, having a CRM-based prospect management helps you reconnect with those prospects at the earliest.

In some cases, prospects tend to evaluate the level of interest based-on research and study.

Increasing Response Speed of your Lead

According to lead response studies, leads responded within the first five minutes have 100 times more probability of conversion. When you have the ability to reach your prospect before the avalanche of competitors can, it lets you provide more time and attention to your clients.

This immediately raises your chances of achieving 2nd contact and consequent conversions.

Having the ability to engage customers for a long-term relationship increases your probability of success.

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