business-twitterTwitter is a powerful business social media platform to reach and engage with your audience.

But with constant tweet updates and a long list of following, an average twitter user faces twitter fatigue, where a user practically decides that he has had enough with the platform. This makes it difficult to reach and engage with the audience.

With this in mind, businesses need more intuitive strategies to reach and engage with the audience, such as Social CRM-Twitter Integration. Here are five ways you can reach and augment your audience relationship through CRM-enabled twitter profiles.

1. Creating Long Form Tweet Conversations

In twitter, you try much more than to answer customer queries. With social CRM, you can create long form conversations, which are an easily recognizable form of audience engagement technique.

With social CRM implementation, you can go beyond the limits of single tweet involving 140 characters. Having a direct twitter feed means that you can detect and respond to each query at the earliest. This also allows your client to possibly create follow-up responses, which cumulates into long-form conversations.

2. Utilize Popular Twitter Hash tags

Even a passive twitter user knows that twitter conversations are collected and tagged based on twitter hash tags. With social CRM, you can streamline all conversations as per a relevant hash tag through a single interface. This allows you to instantly recognize trending twitter hash-tags on a single platform.

You can also maintain specific hash tag pages specifically to generate and follow customer conversations on specific topics or issues. All these incrementally improves visibility for your twitter following.

3. Manage Twitter Handles

For a business proactive on twitter, their twitter handle is a valuable tool and asset.It’s not uncommon for businesses to have separate handles for company and employees. A social CRM provides a single platform to manage your diverse obligations. An ability to integrate multiple twitter handles decrease your workload and provides a process overview.

For example, a right tweet may increase the business exposure, whereas a wrong tweet can stun or dwindle your following. Having a right social CRM platform drives your communication on the right track.

4. Increase your Response Speed

Having a greater response speed means that you are more likely to raise a positive response from your twitter follower. An increased response speed also helps you over-deliver on customer relationship performance indicators.

5. Increase the Precision of your Response

Under CRM-based social profiles, each specific customer twitter handle gets integrated to a specific account. Utilizing this account, you can collect and streamline all previous conversations through a single interface.

This helps you to deliver sharp and precise response for every customer query.

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