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How the Real Estate Market is Booming in the United States

After a decade of tumultuous tidings, the real estate market in the United States has seen a massive turnaround. The rumors have cooled and people have become more open about investing in real estate again. Not just for accommodation but also in the interest of flipping houses. Much of the risk has subsided because the real estate market in 2019 saw 3 great quarters right from April this year.

As it has gradually shifted from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market, you could stand to gain some impetus, based on current trends. Things are certainly looking up for people in real estate because the numbers are likely to soar in the coming years as well. A contributing factor to this is falling interest rates. But let’s save that discussion for another time.

If you are in the real estate business, you have a real chance to make it big. As said before, it is a seller’s market and you hold all the cards. You will need a proper system to make your endeavor successful. Something that helps you track leads and convert them easily. A real estate CRM can be the perfect partner to you! Real estate CRM software has all the functionalities that you would require to set up open houses, coordinate with interested parties, set up reminders and also market your properties.

What does real estate CRM software entail?


Kapture is best CRM for real estate because it is a comprehensive package that gives you everything that your business may want. Its omnichannel platform lets you communicate with buyers via email, call, web forms, social media and live chat. You can use the CRM to create a lead pipeline and know the status of a prospect. It manages opportunities


Giving house buyers reminders and following up on queries is made so much easier. Your tickets show up as notifications in real-time. Responding to them is now possible via the CRM no matter which channel the users choose to use.


Running email campaigns right from the CRM is a real possibility. You can gain market share among interested parties and get your name out there. All this just by creating a template and sending mass emails via the CRM.


To know how you perform each month or quarter or year, all you need to do is check more than 500 report formats and get statistics of your sales and conversions. Stay ahead of everyone and know what to do next with past data to guide you.

In this uber-competitive real estate market, you need something to stand apart from the rest. It is your time to shine and Kapture CRM gives you the means to do just that. Your move, comrade!Free-CRM-Trail

Book your demo today and mark your brand’s identity in this competitive market with efficient CRM software.

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