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Did you know that efficient, timely ticket resolution is a key to keeping your customers happy? Yes, you read that right. Resolving and closing tickets may not be as time-consuming and laborious as you think. Your support team can focus on pressing matters while an automated ticketing system streamlines your ticketing operations.

What’s an automated ticketing system?

A ticketing system helps you deal with customer issues and queries by recording and resolving them in an organized manner. An automated ticketing system automates the management and flow of customer interactions across various channels (chat, calls, social media, etc). This enables your support agents to work and resolve tickets in an efficient manner. An automated ticketing system can help you avoid unnecessary manual processes during ticket resolution.

Kapture’s intelligent ticketing tool can analyse and route tickets among your support team(s) based on a criteria that’s unique to your own business.

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How is an automated ticketing system helpful for enterprises?

Kapture’s ticketing system can help your business (regardless of the size) in keeping your customers happy by helping your agents resolve tickets in a timely way. Automated ticket resolution can help you save unnecessary manual processes by automatically routing tickets the representatives. An automated ticketing system can complete repetitive tasks and close tickets relating to common issues by itself, saving you both time and money.

Here are some of the features of an automated ticketing system.

Follow up:

Your support agents have a lot on their plate. And so do your customers. Kapture’s ticketing system sends out reminders to your agents about the pending follow-ups with customers. This enables an easy flow of communication and makes your customers feel heard and cared for.

Priority tickets:

Not all tickets demand immediate attention. An automated ticketing system alerts you when there’s an incoming priority ticket. Kapture’s ticketing tool uses rule-based logic to prioritize incoming tickets based on certain keywords. This helps your support team in attending to pressing matters first.

Disposing of tickets:

Disposing tickets in a timely manner is essential for an enterprise to keep the ticket queues clean. An automated ticketing system can dispose a common ticket with minimum or no human interference, while agents can resolve and close other tickets. This saves both time and resources, improving overall business efficiency. A closed ticket can be reopened later in the future, if the need arises. There’s no need to open a new ticket.


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Ticket analysis and reports:

With the reports extracted from tickets-based data, you can easily analyse the number of tickets that were received and out of which how many are pending and how many resolved. Moreover, these reports can be used to measure the performance of your support team by tracking the time taken by agents to resolve incoming tickets. Motivate your support team by rewarding the star performers that can be selected through Kapture’s ticketing tool.

In addition to this, Kapture’s integrations with third-party platforms can help your enterprise by providing you with detailed reports. For instance, using cloud telephony, you can receive and store call recordings. This can help in generating feedback, performance and other reports.

An efficient, functional ticketing system helps businesses in delivering seamless customer experiences. Kapture’s automated ticketing system software can help your organization by increasing help desk efficiency and productivity. In addition to saving precious time, this system can also help you in cutting down costs by not having to employ additional support team members to monitor and resolve tickets.

Reach out to Kapture today and discuss your business’s ticketing system needs with us. You can also opt for a free 30-day trial or simply request for a demo to understand the platform better.



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