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How Mobile CRM Can Benefit Your Startup Business

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India’s startup ecosystem continues to increase at a rapid pace. Now we have nearly 19,000 technology-enabled startup companies, according to Economic-survey 2015-2016. However, despite the innovative ideas and groundbreaking projects, many businesses struggle to survive the competition, and many are eventually forced to shut down.

Accepting the challenges, many companies are now using Customer Relationship Management software and getting wonderful benefits out of it.

As per the latest survey by Trackvia, successful implementation of CRM software can boost sales revenue by 41% for the per salesperson and can enhance customer retention by up to 27%.

Office-based CRM systems are powerful tools for small businesses, but once you get outside the office, you will be completely disconnected from the affluence of your CRM tools.

That is the way sales-based startups face maximum problems regarding information management, client communication and team collaboration. Opening up your laptop to log in to a casual chat with your client is not a convenient option all the time, especially when you are out for a meeting.

Having your sales team equipped with a mobile CRM can benefit you to a large extent.

Quick facts about mobile CRM

  • Not only is the CRM industry growing at a rapid pace, but Mobile CRM is expected to grow by 500%, with more than 50% of business rolling out or piloting mobile CRM. (Source- Gartner)
  • Mobile access to a CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6% with a further 3 in 10 mobile CRM users reporting productivity improvement of more than 20%. (Source- Nucleus Research)
  • Companies that have mobile CRM enabled had a much higher percentage of reps achieving their sales quotas. (Source: Super Office)benefits of mobile crm

Selling on-the-go

CRM software is nothing but the backbone of a sales team. They need to access different marketing and sales tools, even if they are outside the office. Without a mobile CRM, this could not have been possible at all.

Going out for a meeting with a mini-office in your pocket will surely give a higher level of confidence. You can carry out the selling process any time, no matter where you are.

All time access to updated information

Imagine the common scenario of a company with a decentralized sales force – while attending a meeting you suddenly need some information to show your client. You called your team members, and asked them to send a mail attached with the documents, and waited a long time expecting to receive the mail from the office.

Logically, you simply can’t waste your time like that. It certainly leaves a bad impression on your client and for this, you may not get your expected closure.

With a mobile-enabled CRM system, you can access updated client information, product information, brochure and everything in just a click.

Besides, the information comes with an organized form, making things easy to figure out. And the best part is that its limited access completely confirms the information security.

Real-time reporting

If you or one of your sales team members completes a transaction on the meeting site with a client, you may need to return to the office to update the MOM or transaction details into the system later on. This type of delay slows down the process.

While running a startup company, you need a superfast selling process. With a mobile-enabled CRM, you can simply update all records from your smartphone or tablet while you’re there with the customer. These real-time updates will show up on the dashboard so that your co-salespersons and the executives can instantly know about the work progress.

Shorter sales cycle

From the previous points, by all means, a CRM can successfully cut down the sales cycle, rescuing you from the exertion of the long sales cycle. It streamlines your team efforts with technological tools to prevent you from the unnecessary delay.

Collaboration on the peak

A startup company always needs a fully organized and coherent sales team. They need a platform, where they can chat, share, report and make big decisions instantly.

CRM gives you the right opportunity to enhance your team collaboration. With its inbuilt chat facility, you can share anything with your team, be it an image, video, audio or a document. Form a group or go for one-to-one interaction – with your CRM you can resolve any team or client related issues immediately. You do not need to call for a meeting or individually call people and ask their problems. You can interact with multiple employees directly through your mobile CRM app.

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Also, it gives you the opportunity to maintain and track the performance and work progress of your employees.
Most importantly, your CRM tools will always take care of your data privacy.

mobile crm for small businessUltimate customer engagement

With your CRM in your pocket, you can contact your client whenever you want. The integrated social networks and other systems will help you to answer the customer queries, emails, social media comments and feedback.

By giving a prompt response to customers’ inquiries and feedback, you can achieve remarkable customer engagement and brand loyalty.


With the upswing of mobile computing, cloud-based data networks and smart devices, companies now understand that anything that can be done digitally in the office can also be accomplished effortlessly on the go. So, why not with your CRM?

Having a Mobile CRM is no longer optional.

Utilizing mobile CRM you can manage a prospective business in your sales funnel. You can make opportunities to define the prospect of your business, manage pipelines and related activity circles, and make certain the accuracy of the sales forecast.

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