How Lead Automation brings more Sales?


Lead Automation: Less process time; more customers, more sales….

In this modern world things around us are moving very fast and every aspect of life has been automated to certain extent, for ease and comfort. Automation is the process of making a set of controls to work on its own, and to function independently for best outcomes. When it comes to business point of view, automation is necessary in all operations. Marketing automation, Lead automation, Sales Automation etc. plays a vital role in shaping a business.

Customers are the one who are referred to as leads, in general. Lead is only a single step action which has to be observed carefully until it starts to make its transaction voyage towards Sales.

Lead Automation :

Making a lead is easy, but handling that is a tricky task. Leads are classified into three types, “Hot- Warm-Cold”, which is not temperature related but mostly referring to a business. Simply put, Hot Lead refers to a lead which is near to its service stage, where as Warm Lead refers to intermediate stage which requires some more effort to push towards Hot Lead and finally, Cold Lead is new one, which has just made its entry to the business. Automating these leads can make up a better business, with higher productivity and efficiency. It has few automated features that makes job easy and to get maximum sales in short span of time.

1). Lead Management

Management, sounds like a huge word. To manage anything, the knowledge and skills pertaining to that task are very important. Active students, sportsmen and of course house wives/husbands knows what exactly Management is. In a business perspective, Management is a skill to look after all the sectors of business, and lead management is a subset of the same.

CRM automatically segregates all leads depending on its type. This separation helps in concentrating on important leads first and then in looking at remaining ones. It will also give alerts if any lead is lost. This helps to improve marketing skill as well as presentation. Lead management takes place on a single dashboard, which is updated for every lead and further enables to take quick action towards pending leads.

In a rare case, unwanted leads are sorted out or even removed sometimes. But this is not automatically done. Managing Lead is the job a CRM does, not the deciding bit.

2). Lead Processing

Once a lead is made it travels through three stages ‘Cold to Warm to Hot’. This is lead processing stage. At every stage, the lead is analyzed. For Cold lead, it is recommended to be looked after frequently, so that it should walk to the warm stage by itself.

For Warm lead, it does not require much effort to push it to Hot Stage. Just the value of service and its benefits in brief are enough. These things will help it to jump to next level. Finally Hot Stage lead, in just one word of approval by customer, is enough to provide services which cater to their needs.

3). Lead Filtering

Filtering is done to get a better clarity. Lead filtering is selecting the appropriate lead, which can guarantee a sales process. CRM separates leads and displays it on the dashboard so that it enables to select important leads amongst the many and proceed further. Filtering saves effort as well as time on unwanted or irrelevant leads.

To have better business life, automation is very necessary in business and especially in the process of lead automation. As it is the initial stage, it enables to carry out every operation very smoothly and efficiently. Lead automation is vital to have a good customer relationship.

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