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How Kapture CRM Lead Prioritization Creates Better Prospects?

For most businesses, acquiring leads isn’t hard, but converting their kills. If you have a constant online presence and utilize online-offline media channels, you could be having a constant influx of leads.

If you are presenting an attractive website banner, with a direct way to stream leads, you could constantly have a high lead count. These leads require primary information or have no interest in making an immediate financial commitment. In a time-sensitive online marketplace, all these delays cause an exponential drop in prospect interest and costs you valuable customers.

In the traditional way, you are dividing a certain number of prospects among a certain number of employees, with consequent responsibilities for all follow-up actions. With CRM integration, you can take concerning steps to create follow-up with every customer contact.

Here Kapture CRM Lead Prioritization can make a difference to lead segregation and management. When you are managing each lead through a common platform, you can take a more informed decision about time allocation for each concerning prospect.

A CRM-based lead processing channels quality prospects for further processing, while identifying and flagging bad inquiries.

The CRM lead prioritizing process lets you prioritize leads based on many aspects.

Based on Lead Inquiry Nature

In the first step, all leads are manually entered and go through a primary screening step. Any information that may appear vague or improbable rings an immediate red-alarm towards further lead processing.

Kapture Lead Basic Details

In this lead an email ID with astrix and unrecognizable phone number lets you know that it’s a fake inquiry and needn’t be pursued further.

Based on Client Communication

In the second stage, you will be directly communicating with clients via phone or Email. If you are not able to raise client interest for a particular product or project, it may not carry an influence on customers.

When unable to impress clients or unable to come into a common price understanding, you can mark the client as cold.

Kapture client communications

Based on Number of Meetings

With customer accounts, you can review and manage your complete customer meetings through a single interface. The concerned manager can view past meetings, coming up meetings or allocate new meetings.

For every qualified prospect, you can arrange meetings with a concerned sales representative. After the qualifying meeting, you can also reallocate the lead to another sales team representative.

Kapture sales reallocations

If you are unable to reach an understanding of project cost or don’t get into a booking agreement, you can reject booking under a prospective lead channel.

Kapture Book Rejections

For further clarification or explanation, you can also add remarks for rejecting the particular leads. Afterward, the consequent leads will not further appear on your lead communication channel.

Kapture CRM lets you marshal every lead through the right channel, allowing you to optimize the concerned channel.

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