How to Manage your Sales Pitch Turning into a Big Empty Air Bun?


Have you ever attended a sales meeting and wondered to yourself whether you are trying to a sell a big empty air Bun?

Most sales professionals are constantly worrying whether their sales pitch carries enough calories to last an entire sales meeting.

And if it doesn’t you can try to sell hard, but your sales pitch will still end-up sounding hollow and non-beneficial. Now, your client could abruptly become uninterested or may simply tell you that they have better things to do!

Usually, most sales people takes this as a confidence shattering experience. They may turn introspective about their careers and think about existing client relationships.

While this sharp turn could be definitely caused due to bad sales person demeanor, it can also be attributed to a dead sales pitch.

A dead is sales pitch is a selling quotient which has already lost all its selling appeal to your core customers.

Although it may appear elusive, a dead sales pitch can be easily identified by its beat. They are usually devoid of all interests, make no connection and usually sound berating to customer.

But with expert guidance and team work, a dead sales pitch could be brought back to liveliness by breathing fresh new insights. Along comes your business flourishing back to full life. All you need is a critical outlook of your entire sales process.

Make Brain Work and Heart Warm


An easy way to lose a customer involves overwhelming him/her with excess of technical information. Rather than thinking about your product as advanced, it immediately creates an impression that your product is too complex. And most customers don’t want to work with complex products.

Good sales pitch finds the balance act showcasing product’s technical benefits but keeping it playful. (Cool factor). Great marketers’ such as David Ogilvy always spent Weeks on finding their potential sales pitch. The famous Ogilvy Rolls-Royce ad headline “At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”, postulates a clear difference between noisy Ford’s and custom constructed Rolls-Royce. But more importantly, it attracts customer attention like never-before.

Instead of talking about technical features, focus on fact that it directly improves your customer experience.

Don’t Preach your Sales Pitch


A common beginner’s mistake, you can let yours be the sole voice in the room. Here you will sound like saying aloud an immutable line from the sales book, which is set on stone.

This is usually a sign that you are too aggressive with your sales pitch.

An aggressive sales pitch could sound effective, but it’s far from truth. Your customer may decide to end conversation or could switch-off brain and listen to your ranting on Zombie-mode. Again your chances of conversion are immediately diminished.

You can always start a conversation, through encouraging a customer to state his needs. Afterwards, you can give a direct explanation about how your business could potentially impact your customer services.

Don’t Sound Repetitive


Let’s face it! A sales representative handles hundreds of sales people on a daily basis. All of them are mostly similar and has similar needs.

For every successful actor ‘saying a line like he never knew it before 10 seconds is one of the keenest and hardest skills’. A successful sales rep needs to replicate this skill multiple times on a day.

When you are repeating a same sentence for 100th time, you should be conscious not to sound repetitive. Otherwise, you can always talk a little too slow, or too fast or a momentary disinterest could always flash between your eyes.

Instead of presenting your business, you can present it a CRM organization for business.

Expecting too much from first Interaction

good sales pitch

Even most interesting pitches are boring if it becomes too long or too pushy. You can always pitch your product a step back. This gives a ready impression that you are respecting your customer’s ability to make a right decision.

It makes ability to follow-up customers a prominent ability in a sales rep’s arsenal. Starting a client communication at right moment instantly makes a big difference. Instead maintain a steady stream of correspondences. A CRM software ensures that you are could rep-decide right moment for customer communication.

Trying to Make it too Casual


If you are handling your sales meetings on a casual attire or tone, it usually strikes as unprofessional.

Always remember that a customer could be a friend, but never your buddy. Always maintain a steady relationship that guides your customers towards a complete relationship.

A foremost case against initiating a casual conversation could be that it’s usually unrelated to clients. It may seem that you have too little invested on a potential conversation. And you are looking to cultivate an easy-going relationship with client.

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