Horrible Customer Experiences? Here is the Antidote


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

Information Technology isn’t the major driving force behind businesses. It is the engineering of great customer experiences that create a fantastic and thriving business ecosystem.

Let’s take an example: Heinrich is a German waiting in a long queue at a retail store. After 20 minutes of agonizing wait, he finally reaches the checkout counter. Bob, the store clerk says that the line is only for the clothing section and you have to go to the other line. Since Heinrich speaks only German, he somehow manages to understand Bob and stands in another queue.

How would Heinrich feel? Heinrich goes to the other section and waits for the entire line only to find out that there was a bug in the software and a downtime occurred because of that. So, integrating IT with culture is the need of the hour. Coupling IT with the evolving company and customer culture is the way to go forward. Businesses time and again prove that computers are a tool for enhancing customer experiences.

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A Tempkin study has found a strong relationship between customer experience and trust. 86% of customers will repurchase a product if they are provided with exceptional customer service. While only 13% are likely to repurchase with very poor customer experience.

Another study by Accenture (2015), found that 86% of B2B executives understand the importance of great customer experiences and consider it to be their top priority for business success. Forrester Research, on the other hand, highlighted that customer experience pioneers delivered compound annual revenue growth rates (CAGR) of 17% compared to just 3% for customer experience idlers from 2010 to 2015.  

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves” – Steve Jobs

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Remember when Rose said

“I promise. I will never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.’’

The entire point of the movie was to give you one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. Without the customer experience, there wouldn’t be any Hollywood blockbuster.

Customer Centricity and Empathy are the Main Mantras

The doors of opportunity open when you listen to your customers and involve them in the entire product lifecycle. Listening to your customer is just a small missing piece in the large jigsaw puzzle. To achieve customer centricity, you need to create great experiences, achieve loyalty, and provide engagement along with consistent quality services.

Empathy is another vital antidote for horrible customer experiences. Stepping into the customer’s shoe is the DNA for empathetic relationships. UX designers should have the ability to empathize with users. It is highly important for designers to have an appreciation of how the users think and feel. Many retail industries lack a responsive web design which can easily put off a customer.

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A study by WOW local marketing uncovered that 52% of people are less likely to be mesmerized with a brand because of a substandard mobile experience.

A right mobile usability experience is needed. A true empathetic experience can only be created by understanding the whys and hows of people and technology usage. Kapture’s sales CRM mobility application has been designed with the user’s mobile experience in mind. The user research that went into the creation of the responsive mobile design is tremendous. With Kapture’s sales CRM mobile app, easily track the sales team with its inbuilt GPS tracking system and get connected across diverse devices.

Storytelling – The Lens for your Memory

What do you remember most of your childhood memories?

It’s the stories and happy memories.

Stories should be personalized and tailored to your customers. Let’s face it. Humans are the ultimate self-centred species. A study by Schank, R.C (1990) showed that telling stories and listening to other people’s stories shape the memories we have of our experiences.

Let’s say Carl called an online retail store to report a stone in the packaging that he had recently received through delivery. Yes, that’s right a stone. No doubt, he would be one angry customer. To add salt to injury, he has also been put on hold for 11 minutes with mind-numbing hold music. The agent comes back and transfers his call to three other departments, before being disconnected.

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Carl, a famous celebrity in the San Francisco Bay Area, starts posting negative comments on social media. Carl vows to never ever again do business with the company again. Sadly, the company lost thousands of potential customers as Carl had a great online presence.

Hence, the importance of one happy customer. The online space has opened up a lot of opportunities but it can also create havoc for companies performing badly when it comes to customer satisfaction. People also remember negative stories and events more than the positive ones. This is why you can see television news channels focusing more on negative news than positive ones. People know that negativity sells.

Gather ideas, design, statistics, and big data to generate clickable reports for analysis and create a story revolving around informative data images for the sales team to effectively reach targets. Kapture’s sales CRM cloud computing also allows you to compare the performance of your services with that of your competitor through a single user-friendly dashboard. Easily collate all data and create a positive customer experience.

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Turn the Tables on Customer Complaints

Angry customers are always good for business. The effective complaint management system is the process of organization, handling, managing, and responding to customer complaints in a fast and reliable way. A well-established protocol and transparency are needed for handling customer complaints.

With the help of Kapture CRM software, you can easily raise tickets and assign it based on the department and priority. If the retail business had Kapture’s CRM, Carl’s complaint would have converted into an escalation and a ticket would have been raised.

Because it was a quality issue that Carl faced, his ticket would have been assigned to the right department with a high-priority ticket. The ticket would have been resolved within no time and the business would have saved the damaged.

So the next time, you encounter a frustrated customer, you would know how to create a positive experience.

An antidote for elevated customer experience can be simply obtained by implementing an efficient CRM software for your organization. Now it’s your turn to exceed customer expectation and go the extra mile by implementing Kapture CRM software for your vertical.

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