Utilize FMCG CRM software in your distribution network for effective market penetration


At Kapture CRM, we’re always evolving our line of CRM products to adapt to our clients’ competitive landscape.

We insist that kapture’s line of CRM products serves to improve the way our clients manage their business. This enables us to create a better workflow for businesses that translate into a competitive advantage for our clients.

This is especially true for FMCG companies.

When it comes to fast-moving goods, the mom-and-pop stores spread across the geography rules the rooster. With the consumers being highly sensitive about dated products, the goods sitting on the shelf is sharply depreciating in value.

This means that the retail success of FMCG companies depends on these factors.

1. Create and maintain a customer-partner network of distributors, retailers, and stockists.
2. Maintain up-to-date stocks across the retail network.

For this, we focus on connecting and creating a streamlined way of managing their daily operations. This will help your clients become more streamlined in their daily operations, making it easier to collect more orders.

We find this most important for our customer success rather than the conglomeration of add-on features; albeit at the cost of the flamboyance of our own engineers.

Kapture’s FMCG CRM simplifies and streamlines these important aspects of your FMCG operations.

1. Collecting and fulfilling orders.
2. Managing partners such as distributors, stockists, and retailers
3. Checking and ensuring product quality at retail points.

Collecting and managing orders

For an FMCG business, there are two different ways of acquiring new orders.

a. First of all, a representative can directly visit the retail point and collect new orders.
b. You can also use segmented e-mailers / SMS mass messaging to reach-out and incite a response from particular customers.

Kapture’s FMCG CRM module combines marketing automation and sales force management to engage with various customer levels.

Collecting direct orders

All FMCG businesses are used to collecting orders through a combination of a direct sales person and a number of customer partners. The customer partners include different 3rd parties such as distributors, stockists, and retailers.

Usually, FMCG businesses are used to collecting customer orders through different legacy methods. Needless to say, this could be cumbersome and ineffective.


As an FMCG business, you could have numerous customer partners such as distributors, stockers, and retailers. They are constantly trying to manage a large number of POS points. Without a unified system, you could be limited to a fragmented system to manage the entire operations.

Kapture’s Mobile CRM app lets you assign your customer partners to collect and register orders across the different retail point of sale.


Kapture FMCG CRM lets you divide your customers into different segments and types.

Afterward, you can create daily plans to supply each pending order. This helps you manage the needs of your entire retail network. This allows you to manage your daily routes and cut-down transit expenses.

The daily planner and sales force organization will help you manage your customers and collect more orders on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, the custom field forms in the mobile app let you enter particulars with regard to each customer. This allows you to keep building your customer profile based on interesting details about individual customers.

Emailer marketing or marketing automation

Kapture CRM lets you filter your customers into different segments. This could be based on a relevant location or type.

It allows you to send targeted emailer/SMS messages to your customers through a single unified CRM dashboard. These messages could be about ongoing offers or new product releases.

The smart customer segmentation helps you procure higher open rates and better engagement for your emailers.

Approval and supply of orders

As FMCG business should be able to supply both bulk and lesser order volume to meet the demands of each customer. Usually, each of these orders needs to be taken-up and supplied by individual stock providers such as go-downs and other inventory storage locations.

Often, there could be further confusion concerning who will need to deliver goods.

Enter CRM-based order management system.

The CRM-based order management streamlines the entire process of accepting and delivering orders through a single platform.


Kapture CRM allows you to generate reports on the available stocks across your storage locations. Now you can approve and assign orders to the nearest location for its earliest fulfillment.

Glean insights through custom reports

In a busy market such as FMCG, you could always struggle to keep up with the steady flow of data.

Without the right FMCG software, you could struggle to make sense of the large volume of customer data.

Kapture FMCG connects the different points across your retailer network. This aggregates data across your retail network in a single database.

With an inbuilt reporting engine, you can generate both standard and custom reports that give you the right business insights.

This will help you generate insightful reports such as leads vs orders, customer vs product sold, orders across each location, etc.

This will help you make effective decisions about the different aspects of your business.

Manage Customer support

If you are a business, you should always be able to coordinate and work with customers.

For this, you need to equip the service team to avail information about the different customer partner and clients.

Kapture CRM tackles this situation through its Omni-channel customer service platform.

With the combination of a number of auto-filters and custom filters, each ticket always gets assigned to the right agent. Afterward, each ticket could be assigned to a field agent or a customer partner for faster resolution.

You can also assign any internal staff for additional task requests such as procuring additional stocks.

Kapture CRM also features additional fields at both ticketing and disposition fields to facilitate easier resolutions.

This allows you to build in-depth customer profiles that give you a precise understanding of your customers.


For an FMCG company, its biggest customer partners could be the mom-and-pop stores spread across the geography. If an FMCG business can get its products displayed prominently and sold more often, it can incrementally increase the sales volume.

Kapture CRM helps you build, maintain and expand your distribution network. It’ll also enable you to productively engage with customer partners such as distributors, stockers, and retailers to provide a better experience to your products end-consumer.


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